7 ways to find new ideas for your business blog

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Analysis, Public Relations

Do you want to know how to blog for business? Blogging can be a lucrative way to draw customers to your online audience. But if your blog hasn’t been updated with content that attracts, your blogging plan could backfire.

Today’s entrepreneurs struggle finding new ideas for their business blog. Companies should deliver content that can give their blog a ‘wow’ factor. Ideally, you need to offer some insights that haven’t been shared yet. Let’s check out some great techniques on finding unique ideas for a successful business blog.

7 ways to find new ideas for your business blog

1. Consider Trending Hashtags

We see hashtags on social media platforms; including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They are the best indicators of what’s popular among your audience. To stay informed, make some time to check trending hashtags on Twitter and credible social platforms. This will give you an idea about the keywords that you can brainstorm and create content around.

Trending hashtags provide a wonderful opportunity to add commentary on current topics and derive huge organic traffic. Don’t forget to promote your blog on Twitter with the same hashtag to get the maximum website exposure.

7 ways to find new ideas for your business blog

2. Seek Your Readers Opinion

Readers of your blog can be a great source for innovative blog ideas. Ask them what they would like to read on your blog. Chances are, your readers will suggest a topic they have been searching for, but couldn’t find satisfactory content. It’s easy for bloggers to think that no one else knows better than they do, but that could be the greatest barrier to healthy content creation. Allow your reader community to send over their suggestions, and then narrow down these topics to create a unique piece of content that people have been struggling to find.

7 ways to find new ideas for your business blog

3. Use Ahref’s Keyword Explorer

You can narrow your selections down to competing websites who already have lots of traffic. The next step is to put their keyword into Keyword Explorer by Ahrefs and start writing your content. Always look for long-tail keywords that have not been covered by your competitors. Writing a piece of content around a unique long-tail keyword will work wonders for your blog’s success. The keyword should be the main focus of your blog post. It is a great way to get an idea that can bring tons of visitors.

7 ways to find new ideas for your business blog

4. Produce Sub-Topics of Popular Blogposts

You might have never thought to create sub-topics for an authoritative post you’ve written that’s already bringing in a large number of organic views, but it works. If you can’t zero in on a sub-topic for some reason, ask Custom Writing for great quality content. You always have a high chance of appearing in top search results when you extend an already-published post. For instance, if your website ranks well in Google for investor-related topics, then ranking for new articles on the same topic will be easier for you. On the other hand, it might be somewhat difficult for you to rank for a different topic like healthcare.

7 ways to find new ideas for your business blog

5. Check Offline Resources

There are hundreds of useful resources available that you can use to get inspiration for a winning post. Newspapers, brochures, magazines, and other print media can offer great ideas for your blog. After finalizing the idea, write an SEO-rich post based on keywords. Many successful online businesses use offline resources to get great blog ideas to generate traffic from search engines.

7 ways to find new ideas for your business blog

6. Interview Experts in Your Niche

Keep in mind that expert interviews are usually unique. Every time you ask questions from an expert in your niche, they are likely to give new and useful insights than they may have given to other sources. Experts tend to have a big thesaurus, and they prefer verbose communication, so the content gained from such interviews can add new viewpoints to your blog. People value expert

7 ways to find new ideas for your business blog

7. Offer a Contrary View to a Trending Topic

Instead of trying to duplicate the thoughts you read about a trending topic, don’t be afraid to offer a different opinion. But don’t be fake and try to refute something that you already agreed with in a prior post or comment. If you think that an opinion on a trending topic is not correct or needs clarifying, use this opportunity to show your authority and knowledge to refute it. If you have more than a few objections, pull them together in one post. In this way, you will contribute to an already trending topic and boost your visibility with a new outlook.

7 ways to find new ideas for your business blog


Exploring unique content ideas for your blog can be a daunting task, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for repurposing content based on your competitors’ keywords. Try to explore new ideas, such as unique long-tail keywords. Think about investigating alternate avenues to create new topics. Remember, you will get a bigger search crawl by posting creative, new, and SEO-rich posts. Now take your time, do a little research following the above techniques, and start working on your next new blog.

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