8 useful tips for boosting your blog’s traffic

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Public Relations

Blogging has turned into a fashionable and profitable job, providing many talented writers and photographers with a chance to share their ideas with others. Sometimes, while reading the blogs of celebrities or people who live thousands of miles away, readers get to feel as if they are there, watching their lives and feeling the same emotions.

Blogging also sets the world’s trends. For example, many people have become travel bloggers, and in doing so, they have revealed that traveling is not as expensive as it seemed years ago. Low-cost fares and shared accommodation can provide you with the same high-quality travel experience as many other expensive options, and blogs are perfect forums for disclosing this kind of info.

8 useful tips for boosting your blog’s traffic

However, one interesting story or picture will not attract many followers to your blog. You need to continually monitor your blog traffic to get to know your audience and offer them what they like to see or read most. Here are several ways that can help you increase your blog traffic within a short time perspective:

Create catchy titles

Titles are the first thing that your readers see when they get to your blog. They need to be catchy enough to get people interested and make them want to read more. Use this highly visible part of your content to draw the attention of your reader and entice them with an interesting story, life experience, promise, or solution. If you manage to come up with interesting titles, your audience will likely increase.

Write high-quality content

The language, style, and tone of your content matter. Even though your blog may not be targeted at linguists and interpreters, the quality of your writing plays a big role in your success as a blogger. Do not choose overly complex structures, but rather show people that you have a sense of humor and knowledge of modern language trends to accommodate your coherent story. Split your writing into several subheads and lists to make it easy to read. Don’t look at your blog as a tool for making money—you should focus on the emotion it brings to people.

Develop a content strategy

The answer to the question of how to drive traffic to your blog is to write more content. However, it is advised to formulate a blog content plan as a part of a broader strategy to post something interesting every day and keep your audience interested. You should regularly update your blog to get more feedback and increased traffic. Unless you post something at least twice a week, you will not be getting any noticeable improvement in your blog traffic.

Add visuals

Even if your blog focuses on written content, don’t forget to add visuals. People like to see beautiful and interesting things and then read about them. High-quality pictures or GIFs can bring more people to your publication. If you support your material with a video, you will receive even more blog traffic in the end. It’s not necessary that you be the sole creator of the content, pictures and videos—you can often use someone else’s works under condition that you reference them correctly.

Brush up on SEO

Now it’s time to get to the marketing part. Ideally, you need to have some experience with Google AdWords to be successful in getting your blog traffic increased. You should know the keywords to use in your writing to make your blog and your text easy to find in search engines. People usually click links on the first page of Google search, and your SEO skills can help you get there.

8 useful tips for boosting your blog’s traffic

Engage in cross-promotion

You might be required to feature guest posts and other activities to boost your audience of that of a content or advertising partner. Make sure know their niche very well in order to write a post that will promote your blog through the service offerings of that company. However, it often comes with measurable results. It may seem that cross-promotion is similar to making someone do my assignment for me, but in fact, the post should be written in such a way as to benefit both sides.

Don’t forget about social media promotion

The best answer to the question of how to increase blog traffic is promotion. No one expects you to go on TV to advertise your articles; instead, you can take care of advertising your blog yourself. You can add share buttons and enable social media reposting for your followers to be able to share your content. At the same time, you can share your content on your pages in social media, making it visible to your friends and their friends. Be sure that the number of visitors to your page will definitely increase.

Incorporate links to external resources

If you mention names, studies, products or companies in your writing, don’t hesitate to add a link that leads the reader directly to the company’s website or personal profile. It not only makes your article higher in Google’s rating, but also provides you with a chance that your article will be noticed and shared by the other party.

Blogging is an interesting way to make a statement and share your opinion with an audience of followers. You can also engage in discussion with people, collect their feedback, share personal stories and publish things that matter to you. Any engagement with your readers will automatically result in an increase in blog traffic as well as provide you with ideas on how to expand it even further. You should treat your blog with integrity, focusing on the quality rather than on quantity. Produce the content that would catch your attention and you’ll be on your path to success.

Sandra Larson
Sandra Larson is a freelance writer from Elizabethanauthors.org who researches different aspects of blog writing. She has studied most of the trends present in modern blogging and defined thongs that definitely lead a blog to success. In this article, Sandra highlights ways that are necessary to increase blog traffic and expand the target audience.


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