10 podcasts every blogger needs to listen to in 2019

by | May 6, 2019 | Public Relations

Blogging is an ever-evolving nicheand since it’s impossible to work with the same knowledge throughout your career, you need to be in touch with all the latest trends and ideas in blogging to engage your readers and promote your blog,.

While some suggest formal education in the form of a Master’s Degree, this is unnecessary. You have the internet at your disposal and the most entertaining and most effective way, by far, to learn about blogging are podcasts.

Instead of straining your eyes reading, you can listen to podcasts while driving or working out. It’s blogging knowledge on the go. In this article, we will present the 10 best blogging podcasts you need to listen to.

10 podcasts every blogger needs to listen to in 2019

By following these podcasts, you will get all the latest news, trends and updates from the industry. Everything counts and you never know when a certain piece of information will be needed. Plug in your headphones and explore these top blog podcasts:

1. Neal Schaffer Podcast

A world-famous digital marketing expert and influencer, Neal Schaffer decided to start a social media and blogging podcast. He constantly showers his listeners with insightful tips about everything from writing, marketing, engaging with clients and even organization tips.

One of his first episodes included social media and blogging tips for high schoolers! He listed the most useful tools and reminded that EduBirdie will do homework for you, as a sign of the new age of automation.

2. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

You might know Reid Hoffman as one of the founders of LinkedIn. He has a lot of venture going on, but never fails to return to his roots and inform his listeners about the latest trends in blogging and marketing.

A celebrity in his own way, Reid has the leverage to have people like Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg on his blog. If you want to know more about blogging and marketing, this is the perfect blogging podcast for you.

3. Marketing Over Coffee with John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn

One of the more innovative blogging podcasts, Marketing Over Coffee is one of the most entertaining ways to learn more about blogging and marketing. John and Chris record their talks in coffeeshops and publish new episodes every Thursday.

Every episode is full of useful tips about starting your own blog and making it grow. Plus, if you’re a fan of coffee, you will learn a lot about that, too. They have regular guests, which are sometimes big names like Joe Pulizzi, Seth Godin and many others.

4. Social Pros with Jay Baer and Adam Brown

Focused equally on both social media and blogging, Social Pros is a melting pot of all marketing advice in the world, with additional details being provided about featured blogs, social media pages and more.

What you will love the most about this podcast is the unyielding of both hosts, as they blend in perfectly with each other. Be prepared for quite a bit of humor, as Jay and Adam love sprinkling jokes over everything they talk about.

5. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy is a famous online marketing trainer who has helped many bloggers start their careers the right way. Using her clout and influence, she often chats with big names such as Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas and others.

If you want a no-nonsense approach, with specific exercises for every blogging activity, you’ve found the right blogging podcast.

6. Entrepreneurs GSD with Mike Kawalu and Sheena White

While Entrepreneurs GSD (Getting Shit Done) is more of a business-oriented podcast, it gives you many valuable lessons in relation to blogging. Both Sheena and Mike recommend blogging as the driving force behind any business venture.

Both hosts use their knowledge to educate young minds about social media and blogging ventures.

7. The Marketing Companion Podcast with Mark Schaefer & Tom Webster

Equally funny and insightful, philosophical and entertaining, the Marketing Companion Podcast is running for over five years now. Mark and Tom are an ideal match and they never fail to bring their A-game to the mic.

There is a lot of content about blogging, with a lot of material devoted to nurturing brand identity and using blogs for small businesses.

8. The Ray Edwards Show

We certainly love Ray and his antics, but it’s precisely this humor that makes every piece of advice memorable. He is a published author, copywriter and entrepreneur. He knows all about blogging and how impactful it can be.

The best thing about this blog is that Ray never rushes and always explains everything in detail. One of the best blogging podcasts.

9. ProBlogger Podcast with Darren Rowse

You will immediately fall in love with Darren’s accent. It’s just one of the reasons that makes his rhetoric so memorable and engaging.

Darren tackles all the current problems in the world of blogging and gives tips on a number of topics. This is the blogging Bible, in our opinion.

10. Ask Pat with Pat Flynn

This is perhaps the easiest blog to listen to. Every episode is just 10 minutes long and it consists of Pat reading and answering questions from his listeners.

He turns every answer into a lesson and touches on a myriad of different topics from the world of blogging. Your daily dose of knowledge.

Concluding thoughts

To be a better blogger, you have to constantly refine your knowledge and learn new tricks. While listening to these podcasts, you can take time to write down notes of important things or scribble down the exact timestamp. It’s a great way to return to that part and revise the thing you’ve learned. Don’t pressure yourself into listening to a podcast all day.

Follow the podcaster’s schedule and plan your listening sessions. Weekends are a good time to catch up on all the episodes you’ve been wanting to hear. Feel free to contact any podcaster you admire and inquire for additional knowledge. You can always learn more and find out about new ways to attract traffic.

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