8 effective tips for mobile app marketing success

by | Jul 21, 2021 | Marketing, Public Relations

So, you have built your app and it’s ready to launch—what an exciting time! The research has been done, competitor analysis completed, and investment gained. It is time to start dialing down on the marketing strategy and taking counsel from your team of experienced app developers to ensure your app is set up for success.

App development is growing year on year and according to a recent report by Statista, there are now nearly 6 million apps available in the two biggest stores Apple & Google play!

Smartphone home screens are prime real estate for anyone or any business who has built an app and are wanting to see a return on their investment.

Now, there are many reasons to build an app, it may be a brand new idea, or it may be to compliment an already existing business. Whichever it is, developing an app is a milestone and an achievement for any organization.

8 effective tips for mobile app marketing success

Mobile app marketing begins from the moment a consumer knows about the app. Every interaction with a potential user is crucial to ensure they then go on to download the app from the store and more importantly stay engaged and keep using it.

User retention is key as this is where a business can begin to offer in-app purchasing and start to monetize an app with the aim of seeing not only a steady return on investment but a profit which is of course many entrepreneurs’ end goal.

A loyal user and brand advocate who not only makes in-app purchases but recommends the business to friends and family worth their weight in gold. 

Mobile app marketing is a relatively new style of marketing with Apple being the first to open the App store in 2008. So with that said, here’s your opportunity to diversify your marketing strategy and ensure all bases are covered!

1. Build some hype & get your audience excited

Developing an app can be a lengthy process depending on how complex the project is. Use this time to build brand awareness and get people excited for what is to come. If the branding is on point, the app will be instantly recognizable once it is in store and people will be ready and waiting to download it.

Get your brand noticed by creating a buzz on social channels; This can be anything from reels and stories, coming soon posts and ad campaigns on Facebook.

Depending on who the target market is, LinkedIn and Tik Tok are also great platforms to advertise, post and get in front of potential users.

2. Engage in influencer marketing

It is not everyone’s cup of tea, but there is a lot to be said for influencer marketing. It is cost effective and will get your brand out there to thousands, possibly millions of potential users that you may not have reached before.

Australian Fitness Influencer Tammy Hembrow has 12.6 million followers on Instagram and has fitness brands knocking her door down for a collaboration opportunity.

3. Create an awesome video

People are extremely visual creatures these days, we love nothing better than Instagram worthy pictures and videos. If you have a cool video which gives people a sneak peak of who you are and what your app is all about this can not only be used to promote the app but be a signature promotional tool for your business.

You could also consider creating a YouTube channel; YouTube has more than 2 billion users all over the world and is a great platform to put video content and increase customer engagement.

8 effective tips for mobile app marketing success

4. App store optimization—time for the tech!

App store optimization is the process of improving app visibility within the app stores with the goal of increasing download rates. The main purpose of ASO (App Store Optimization) is to increase your conversion and retention rate.

ASO is like SEO (search engine optimization) however it is specifically used within the App store and Google play whereas SEO is specifically for Google and various other search engines on the web.

Like meta titles and descriptions, the idea is to optimize your app name, app title and app description.

An important part of ASO is making sure your app icon stands out amongst the crowd. There is a real trend with flat icons currently, following on from an apple update which saw all our icons turn flat.

There are also lots of tools available to assist with ASO, including App Radar & App Tweak to name a few.

8 effective tips for mobile app marketing success

Mobile app marketing vs. in-app marketing—what’s the difference?

Mobile app marketing is everything that is taking place outside of the app, in app marketing is all the advertising and marketing taking place inside the app whilst it is being used—simple!

In app marketing is a message or marketing campaign which is shown to your user while they are actively using your app, it gives you the opportunity to personalize messages to users. It is a great way to stay connected with your existing users and is also great for tracking analytics and feedback.

You can also utilize in-app marketing by helping your user use the app itself and adding notifications and “how to” buttons.

You can add push notifications, promote new features and give the option to share with friends.

5. Optimize your website and start a blog

If you have a pre-existing business and a website already in place, it is a great idea to optimise your website and ensure your app is right in front of your pre-existing customer base.

A dedicated page specifically for the app with download options will really assist your users and even a banner on the homepage advertising that the app is coming soon will get noticed.

If you don’t have a website yet, create one to go hand in hand with your app and start a blog to bring power to your website.

6. Build your network and throw a launch party!

Referral marketing is an old school technique—but it works!

A great way to get your brand known within the local community is by attending networking events and mixing with likeminded individuals who want to see you succeed. Then when the time is right, throw a launch party and invite the right people.

If it is within your budget, engaging a top PR company could be key to making sure the right people are coming through the door. These people could be in the form of investors, venture capitalists or even experts within your industry who will get behind you and help drive your business forward.

7. Don’t forget offline advertising

Offline advertising is still very much alive and kicking! There is many offline marketing such as.

  • Radio
  • Spotify
  • Digital signage
  • Billboards
  • Buses

Engaging with people outside their home can be used to support your online marketing strategy and if run correctly result in an increase in traffic to your website and increase in revenue.

8. Apply for awards

Finally, it is time to start applying for awards. Do not be shy! You have come this far, give yourself a pat on the back and back yourself. Some awards you could apply for are for Innovation, small business, emerging business, or enterprise apps.

If you go on to win an award it will not only boost your confidence, but it will boost your credibility too!

Final thoughts

Mobile app development is here to stay & if the pandemic has taught us anything it is to stay agile be open to all ideas. During the height of the pandemic, we saw brands transition from offline to online quickly but the same can work in reverse. Technology is king and in the “new normal” where we live contactless and off our devices, no idea is a bad idea. Incorporate some or all the above tips and you can get off on the right foot by making sure you have a killer marketing strategy to make your app a success!

Lara Blake
Lara Blake is the Business Development Manager for Media Shark, Gold Coast App Developers who specialise in App Design & App Development.


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