8 tactical ways to use email campaigns for PR

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Analysis, Public Relations

Public relations has a direct impact on your brand visibility and how people relate to you. If public relations is directly proportional to brand awareness, email marketing also influences the reach of your brand. In other words, PR and email marketing can work in a symbiotic relationship and empowers the brand—if done right.

Through this article, we shall throw light on 8 ways you can use email to ensure strong public relations.

8 tactical ways to use email campaigns for PR

1. Emails work great if you want to make event announcements or send out event invitations

While events make a huge contribution to strengthening your PR, it would be in vain if you cannot get enough attendees or registrants for the same. Emails can be a great tool to promote your events. They provide you a scaffold to inform the subscribers about every tiny detail about the event right in their inbox.

Here’s an event invitation example by Google Cloud.

8 tactical ways to use email campaigns for PR

2. Email marketing helps you to strengthen rapport with the customer

With email marketing, you can connect with your customers on a more personal level by sharing personalized offers and relevant content. This is obviously not possible with social media posts. Tailor-made emails give the customers an exclusive feeling that strengthens rapport as well as increases the possibility of conversions.

3. You can launch your product through emails

If you are looking forward to introducing new features or a brand new product, emails can be the best channel to reach out to prospects and customers alike. It would pique the subscriber’s curiosity and make them look forward to hearing from you while building your PR strategy.

4. With the help of emails, you can deliver relevant information to the public on time

Often, it so happens that you have to inform your subscribers about something on an immediate basis. Emails come handy in such situations. You can share the relevant information on social media channels, but with emails, you can be doubly sure that the message has reached the intended people. Failing to do so might hamper your PR efforts and therefore, emails become an indispensable element to build better Public Relations.

5. You can share your press releases or important news through email newsletters

Whether it is announcing a merger or an acquisition or any other important update about your business, it is advisable to send out an email newsletter for the same. Many businesses simply tweet about it or post a story on their Facebook page or Instagram. I would strongly advice you to ditch this practice and send out emails too. Even if you boost your post or go for paid promotions on social media, you cannot say for certain, whether someone has checked your update or not. On the other hand, email analytics will give you a clear insight into how many people have opened your email, based on which you can send out the same email to those who have not opened it yet.

6. If you are an NGO, you can leverage emails to drive more donations and promote a cause

NGO can add emails to their PR strategy as email marketing gives you the power to say a lot more than the microblogging platform Twitter, personal blogging channel Facebook, or photo-sharing medium Instagram. You can include a video of how your efforts have changed the lives of people. This would, in turn, get more donations for you. Emails can not only help you promote your cause but also instill a sense of trust in the subscriber’s mind. Take a look at this example by Charity: Water.

8 tactical ways to use email campaigns for PR

7. Travel companies can use emails to highlight the places worth visiting

The PR team of travel companies can turn to emails to promote the most visited destinations. They can also share real photographs of people who have traveled with them. Furthermore, they can share hashtag to build their social media visibility which will eventually enhance the PR.

Here’s how Insight Vacations has done it right.

8 tactical ways to use email campaigns for PR

8. Share stories that tap on the emotional instinct of email recipients

Humans are emotional beings. They can instantly connect with stories that inspire their sensitive side. Sharing stories through emails can be immensely impactful if you want to create great PR. You can share the story of your brand or customers who are happy to use your product. It will relieve the subscriber of any apprehension and make them purchase from you. This will eventually contribute to your PR.

Fetching Fields sets the perfect example of such an email.

8 tactical ways to use email campaigns for PR

Wrapping up

Despite the mushrooming of so many digital marketing channels, I believe emails can be the most effective when it comes to PR. If you have overlooked this platform so far, now is the right time to plunge into the email bandwagon.

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