9 tactical tips for promoting your business

by | Nov 9, 2018 | Marketing, Public Relations

If you want to secure new customers, grow your reputation, and increase your brand awareness, you need to embark on various marketing tactics that will push your company in front of your target audience.

You’ll be happy to learn there are a variety of techniques you can adopt to suit your budget. If you want to start spreading the good word about your brand, here are nine clever ways to promote your business.

1. Partner with local businesses

If you have yet to do so, it is time to start networking with small businesses across your local area. Suggest a mutually-beneficial collaboration, which will drive customers to both businesses throughout the year.

For instance, a personal trainer could recommend your gym or health products to their customers, and vice versa. However, ensure you pick a partner that reflects your brand image and beliefs to maintain a positive reputation.

2. Send promotional products

Present your clients and potential customers with a thoughtful gift in the form of promotional products, which will ensure they take notice of your brand. It is, however, important to invest in high-quality items, which will be an accurate reflection of your business. For example, you can click here to create custom Christmas ornaments that will impress your customers and clients this festive season.

3. Offer something for free

Generate a buzz around your brand by giving something away for free. For instance, you could launch a competition on social media, offer a prize draw for email newsletter subscribers, or you could ask your customers to enter a sweepstake when visiting your bricks and mortar store. It will gain the attention of past and potential customers, and it could encourage word of mouth.

4. Enter your brand for a business award

If you believe your business is creating something truly special, or offers a service no other company can, consider entering your brand for a business award. For example, you could be nominated for “best startup company” or “entrepreneur of the year.”

Not only could it lead to a nomination, but you could potentially walk away with a trophy. As a result, you will generate a considerable amount of press coverage for your company – and the award will encourage confidence and trust when a potential customer visits your website.

5. Consider a publicity stunt

While publicity stunts can be a little gimmicky, they can be a great way to generate exposure for your brand. Richard Branson is the king of publicity stunts, as he once dressed as a female flight attendant for his airline. However, it’s important to consider your brand to ensure your publicity stunt does not damage your desired image.

6. Sponsor an industry event

Sponsoring an event will not only support a worthy cause, but it is an effective way to increase your brand awareness, as your logo will feature on its advertisements, website and social media pages. You could even boost your brand recognition by donating products or services to be used as a prize during an event.

7. Launch a customer referral program

Word of mouth can be one of the most powerful marketing tools, which is why you should seriously consider launching a customer referral program in the near future. Every time a customer sends a new customer to your business, you could present him or her with a reward – and you could even provide a new client with a gift as a thank you for choosing your brand. A common prize is a discount on their next order, which will delight a customer and could result in repeat business.

8. Network every day

It’s not what you know but who you know in business, which is why you should aim to network every single day. Attempt to connect with at least 30 LinkedIn contacts each day, as you could benefit from a 50% follow-back average. This means you will generate 15 new professional contacts every working day.

You should then send a cold email to introduce yourself – and don’t forget to personalize each message to grab their attention and encourage conversation. It could lead to a profitable business relationship for both you and your new connection.

9. Brand your car

If you regularly drive on business, branding your vehicle could provide a superb advertising opportunity. The more you drive around the city, the more potential customers will spot your vehicle, who might want to pick up the phone or visit your website to buy your products or hire your services.

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