Agencies and marketers find common ground—and challenges—in MarTech

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Marketing, Public Relations

As in many industries, marketing technology seems to be moving faster than marketers’ ability to stay on top of the advancements. In fact, many comms pros are just starting to figure it all out—or feel they’re being altogether left behind. In its first-ever Marketing Technology Survey Report, marketing-focused lead generation and biz-dev firm RSW/US confirms these challenges—but also reveals Martech’s great opportunities.

RSW/US President Mark Sneider attended this year’s MarTech West conference in San Jose and was impressed with the energy, new ideas, and new platforms that permeated the conference. He and his team saw the explosion in the Martech space, and also heard agency clients and marketing prospects grappling with it as they tried to stay ahead. Case in point: Chiefmartech’s famous Technology Landscape Supergraphic, which in 2011 had 150 Martech firms, and in 2019 now numbers 7,040.

Agencies and marketers find common ground—and challenges—in MarTech

In previous years, RSW released its Agency New Business Tools report, surveying agencies, PR firms and marketing services firms on the tools and platforms they found most useful to their new business efforts. While well-received, the team at RSW continued to see a lack of meaningful innovation and progress in the tools available—i.e., more of the same.

Agencies and marketers find common ground—and challenges—in MarTech

The results of this year’s report show marketers making an effort to stay on top of trends, but with so many existing demands on their time, many can’t. More than half (55 percent) of marketers surveyed say they have no time to study them. This leaves agencies with an opportunity to fill that knowledge void and add value to their prospect and client worlds—especially with 33 percent of marketers also reporting they feel very behind or in the very early stages of trying to parse out all the available options.

Agencies and marketers find common ground—and challenges—in MarTech

RSW’s report covers a spectrum of topics within the Martech space, directly related to agencies and marketers, including the difficulty in finding talent, predictions on spending, where each feel their current level of expertise lies, and how much “shiny object syndrome” plays a part in platform adoption. Also included is a breakdown of agency and marketer platform use by type.

Download the full report here.

Agencies and marketers find common ground—and challenges—in MarTech

The RSW/US 2019 Marketing Technology Survey Report will be a valuable asset to both marketers and agencies in providing a better understanding of where each currently falls in the Martech space.

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