All-platform marketing gets your message out on every channel—how’s your outreach?

by | Aug 18, 2020 | Analysis, Public Relations

The practice of marketing across a variety of platforms, including email, the website blog, social media, digital PR, apps, printed ads, retail location, as well as promotional events is called all-platform marketing. This is an approach that can allow businesses to connect with their customers on several digital touchpoints, and offers the customers a much better user experience overall.

Multi-platform marketing is an integrated, seamless experience across many devices that customers can use interchangeably. These days, the public is constantly getting overloaded with information, between regular news, brand promotions, product launches, and any other type of content, their attention is being pulled into every direction. Thus, the public is constantly distracted, and a business’ content can easily slip through the cracks.

Having a consistent voice and delivering a seamless experience with a cohesive brand message, across all available platforms, generates much better results for businesses

In fact, according to recent research, this type of marketing drives over three times more engagement with consumers, compared to the single-channel approach. Additionally, there are increases in average order value, customer retention, as well as the frequency of purchases.

Businesses that only focus on a small number of platforms are at a higher risk of losing, or not reaching the customers that don’t subscribe to those platforms. However, when the businesses focus on all available platforms equally, they allow the customers to be able to shop from either a mobile or a desktop device, or through a phone call, or in a brick-and-mortar store – and each one of these experiences is going to be seamless.

The main focus of this type of marketing strategy is the customer

The strategy ensures a completely unified and consistent experience at every available touchpoint between the business and the customers, which is different to simply providing that touchpoint.

This type of marketing doesn’t simply mean that businesses are going to cast a very wide net in order to get a lot of customer engagement. Instead, with this strategy, every channel is interrelated so that it engages with the customers and ensures that every one of them is having an overall positive experience with the businesses. The goal is to build a strong relationship between the business and the customers.

When a business delivers the same content through each and every channel, the messaging is clear and consistent

This leads to a heightened sense of familiarity for the customers, and thus, the relationship is strengthened.

Furthermore, with the constant improvements with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, all the data that businesses gather from this type of marketing can be leveraged to both improve the machine learning process and to get a better understanding of the customers, which can then lead to better-personalized strategies for those consumers.

Brands that choose this marketing strategy can provide consumers with a unified experience that leads to better user engagement, increased sales, as well as more brand awareness.

Ronn Torossian
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