Did Apple’s gamble on three new iPhones pay off?

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Public Relations

A recent 451 Research survey on consumer intent to purchase smartphones reinforces the high expectations for Apple’s fourth quarter earnings. The poll, which has taken the pulse on purchase intent for every iPhone model ever released, recorded its strongest ever December reading, while also suggesting that Apple has never built a more satisfying set of devices.

The findings come from the firm’s Voice of the Connected User Landscape, which surveyed its leading adopter panel on smartphone purchase intentions over the next 90 days, while also taking a close look into how the latest iPhone models are meeting users’ expectations.

Next 90 days: Smartphone purchasing intent

Nearly 13 percent of respondents in the December poll said they will purchase a smartphone in the next 90 days. Drawing from more than a decade and a half of trending data on smartphone purchasing, the December poll consistently reflects the dip in demand that comes at the tail end of the holiday shopping season. But this December’s reading is at its highest level in three years.

Pair that reading with the highest December reading ever measured of planned smartphone purchasers selecting the iPhone as their intended phone model of choice (58 percent) and this could add up to a very successful fourth quarter for Apple.

Did Apple’s gamble on three new iPhones pay off?

“The November release of the iPhone X assured it would not be a typical December. But it was less clear how users would react to the risks Apple took with its latest releases by removing the Home button, relying heavily on gestures, and setting price points that could put expectations at odds with user satisfaction,” said Kevin Burden, research vice president, in a news release. “But these bets are clearly paying off for Apple. Customer satisfaction at a release level is the highest recorded among its recent generations and its flagship iPhone X is the model most responsible for the high marks.”

The findings are based on a December 14th–January 22nd survey of 3,568 primarily North American consumers from 451 Research’s user insight service, Voice of the Connected User Landscape and its Leading Indicator panel of 25,000 accredited business and technology professionals whose application for inclusion identifies them as having a high wallet share being used for personal technologies, and a high readiness to try new products and services.

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