Are blockchain PR and marketing agencies the secret weapon for Web3 success?

by | Jun 21, 2024 | Public Relations

So you’ve built an amazing new blockchain-based product. You’re convinced it’s the next big thing in Web3—destined to revolutionize the industry. But now comes the hard part—actually getting it in front of people and convincing them to use it. That’s a task much easier said than done in the crypto space. 

For most blockchain-based companies, this is going to be a good time to call in the calvary and get the right marketing talent on your side. This can make a world of difference for you as it allows you to focus on building your product while the marketing whizzes work on getting more eyes on your hard work. 

But, isn’t community building and growth hacking something you can just figure out along the way? Well, you can certainly try. But most likely you’ll waste a lot of time, money, and effort with little return to show for it.

blockchain marketing


The truth is, crypto marketing isn’t like traditional product launches. Wildly different audiences, breakneck speeds, meme-filled messaging, ever-changing landscape. It’s a whole new ball game, and there are plenty of nuances that need to be taken into consideration. 

With this in mind, let’s look at why hiring a blockchain marketing agency can be your secret weapon for Web3 success.

They speak crypto fluently

Trying to explain intricate blockchain concepts or the value of your project to mainstream users is not exactly a walk in the park. The technology is convoluted enough even for engineers and developers to wrap their heads around. 

A blockchain marketing agency lives and breathes this cryptic landscape daily. They possess both communication skills and intricate technical knowledge to break down complex ideas into understandable, compelling messaging—and that’s incredibly valuable. 

Whether it’s the mechanics of zero-knowledge proof, composability across protocols, or incentive structures for token distribution—you need translators who bridge that knowledge gap. They also keep your brand messaging on-point as innovations emerge. Terminology like “Layer 2”, “DAO”, and “Social Tokens” didn’t even exist several years ago – so you need teams on your side who advance their knowledge at the same pace as the industry. 

They’re plugged into the Web3 community

Right now the crypto and Web3 space often feels like a tight-knit club where everyone knows each other. Building connections with influential founders, reporters, developers and community leaders is crucial but extremely time intensive—if you go solo. 

An established agency likely already has relationships with many key players they leverage for client campaigns. Avoid starting from scratch by partnering with a blockchain marketing firm who can introduce you to relevant connections.

They understand your audience intimately

Is your project targeting DeFi users hungry for yields or gaming guilds ready to explore virtual worlds? Maybe it’s musicians who want to connect with fans through NFT drops or shoppers looking to buy branded digital apparel for their metaverse avatar The messaging and channels to reach each of these groups varies drastically. 

Experienced Web3 marketers understand the psychology and engage on the specific platforms where these audiences congregate. They can develop tailored campaigns personalized to crypto traders, metaverse enthusiasts, NFT artists and other niche segments of the blockchain community—speaking their language across the mediums they actually use.

This level of audience intimacy sets campaigns up for success rather than talking to a nameless, faceless crowd.

They give you first-mover advantage

In the fast-moving crypto industry, finding untapped partnerships, advertising and engagement channels while they’re still emerging grants will give you a decisive edge.

Savvy agencies act as scouts—identifying newly viral communities, influencers and media platforms before the floodgates open. All so you can establish a foothold with core groups before the copycats catch on. This first-mover advantage builds brand affinity and an engaged user base hungry for your next launch rather than chasing the latest fad.

They handle the heavy lifting

Creating content, managing communities, coordinating airdrops, tracking analytics—who has time for all that plus innovating category-leading tech? High value agencies handle these critical marketing tasks so founders can focus on their core expertise—building an incredible blockchain product. Leave the hype-building to the experts.

How to choose the right blockchain marketing agency

Of course not all blockchain marketing agencies are created equal. When evaluating potential partners, here are some must-have characteristics to look for:

  • Blockchain experience matters – Ask for case studies and results from previous crypto clients. Have they handled marketing for major token launches, NFT projects or DeFi platforms before? True blockchain experience is invaluable.
  • A deep bench of blockchain & marketing experts – You want a team combining both marketing prowess and blockchain technical expertise. Make sure they have senior blockchain developers plus creative brand builders and growth gurus.
  • Strategic innovators – In crypto, safe often means ineffective. Look for an agency that embraces creative marketing tactics and takes intelligent risks to drive results. The boldest ideas sometimes generate big wins.
  • Vision alignment – Do they take the time to deeply understand your project goals or just blast generic content to cash a check? Shared vision and conviction in your success is vital.
  • Bleeding-edge skillset – New social platforms, crypto communities and trends emerge constantly in this ever-changing industry. Ensure your agency actively evolves their skills to leverage the latest spaces before they’re saturated.

Wrapping up

While you can certainly try to manage community building, marketing, PR, partnerships, influencers and more all on your own while designing the next blockchain revolution – is it the smart play in the long term? Probably not. 

Recruiting a skilled marketing squad allows you to play to your strengths while delegating that critical growth engine to professionals. This tag-team approach gives your project the best shot possible at flourishing amid cutthroat competition instead of wasting away in obscurity.

Irina Weber
Irina Weber is a content strategist at SE Ranking. She loves helping brands create, publish, repurpose, and distribute content through marketing channels. She regularly contributes to media outlets like SEW, Adweek, SME, SMT, CMI, etc. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.


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