Comms in 2019—how content marketing can grow your business

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Analysis, Public Relations

Your brand can use content marketing to reach a huge and dedicated audience online. Social media platforms are great places to post interesting content and entice new fans to connect with your page. This is a reliable way to generate more sales for your business.

Why content matters

When the internet became popular, new media channels appeared for businesses. The first of these was email marketing, which mimicked direct mail without the cost of physical goods. Blogging soon followed as a way to create a digital home for any business. Social media platforms are the latest and most modern form of online media.

With billions of people turning to the internet for entertainment every day, there’s a huge opportunity for brands to grow. All of the major social media platforms will give your page a larger audience if you make new posts regularly. They can run ads on that content to earn money, so they’re happy to help you out as part of the process.

Consistency leads to larger audiences

Most people have a consistent media consumption routine. They watch the same channels and shows every day. If you want to capture much attention online, you will need to provide enough content to keep people satisfied.

The most successful brands on the internet post new content every day. This maximizes the number of opportunities that they have to reach new people. Their audiences are always growing.

The 3-1-1 Rule

Content marketing is all about providing value to the customers. As marketers it is often difficult to put ourselves in our target’s shoes since we are convinced of our service. The 3-1-1 rule is a great way to avoid burning out clients with the wrong content.

The 3 stands for 3 articles or posts that provide information that is indirectly to the company. For example if a fertilizer company is trying to provide effective content they might want to send an article about gardening, or something DIY related. After sending 3 of these kind of articles send a semi-promotional article (a soft sale), then lastly send an article that is more explicitly advertising your product.

This strategy lends itself well to developing rapport with customers since they feel like you’re providing them with something as opposed to spamming them.

Own your niche

The biggest way to win online is to become number one in a market category. This is because the vast majority of the rewards go to the top performer in any niche. New brands should seek small but valuable niches that have room for a new voice. You might have heard the common marketing adage that everyone can’t be your

It’s not as hard to find a good niche as you might think. You can start with a big category and whittle it down from there. As basic as it might sound, it’s the foundation of marketing for a reason; it’s all about your target market! Try to find a niche with a potential audience of 10,000 to 50,000 people. If you find 5-10 different niche ideas like that and study them, you’ll find at least one that is feasible to try and win in. Then you can start producing content.

Keep improving your content

Few brands are amazing at creating content on day one. You need to have the patience to learn from your mistakes and improve over time. The important thing isn’t to get it perfect right away, it’s to keep getting better as you go.

Social media platforms are always changing. The best content marketers will be the ones who can adapt to these changes. Flexibility will also help you discover new monetization models on the internet.

For example, live streaming became popular in the early 2010’s when internet speeds became good enough for people to reliably stream content. At first there was no clear monetization method for it. Then sites started accepting donations and charging monthly subscription fees in exchange for special viewer privileges. The brands who had live streaming audiences were able to take advantage of this to earn more money.

Start using content now

It’s never too early to start producing content for the internet. This is one of the best ways that you can grow more attention and excitement around your brand, which leads to more sales. The key is to have the patience to survive those first few months of experimentation and learning. If you do, your business will gain new momentum and earn more money.

The PR payoff

Improving your content is paramount in changing building your company’s PR. Simply put, your content is your image. If your content offers value to your audience, your public image will be one that other companies envy. Content is PR’s lifeblood, so start improving your content today.

Jamison Hutton
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