How do marketing and IT leaders marshal the various digital marketing technology pieces needed to deliver a compelling customer experience, compared to laggards who are struggling to make their investments pay off? New research digital experience firm e-Spirit delves into the state of the digital experience ecosystem.

With thousands of digital marketing technology options available, enterprises face steep challenges to select and integrate disparate technologies in order to deliver a cohesive customer experience. For most enterprises, the effort is not going well. To deliver the digital experience customers expect, enterprises need to better manage the DX ecosystem, defined as the core set of enterprise-class technologies needed to meet digital experience requirements.

“We wanted to learn how companies are developing and managing their DX ecosystems, and the results are very telling,” said Michael Gerard, CMO at e-Spirit, in a news release. “The data clearly shows that 20 percent of respondents are getting a high ROI on their DX ecosystem investment. We completed a detailed assessment of these companies—DX Leaders—to identify their winning traits.”

Digital secrets of comms industry leaders for winning customer experiences

To help enterprises optimize the ROI from their DX technology investment, the research identifies six key success factors almost universally present among DX leaders yet missing from DX laggards, including the data to back these up:

  • Be content-driven: orchestrate and distribute content globally
  • Get personal in real time
  • Go omnichannel: Mobile, IoT and beyond
  • Be agile: Deploy a future-enabled infrastructure
  • Get integrated: Make it easy for your team to do their job
  • Use what you pay for

Digital secrets of comms industry leaders for winning customer experiences

Beyond these success factors, the research report includes with a set of key recommendations. Critically, enterprises should seek to implement a flexible platform that can interoperate within their existing ecosystem and enable changes across this system in the future.

“To deliver content-driven digital experiences at scale across any device, companies should seek out digital experience platforms that include enterprise-class content management, AI-driven personalization and omnichannel marketing capabilities coupled with deep interoperability to integrate within any DX ecosystem,” Gerard added. “This strategy will give companies a unique, future-enabled platform with rapid time to value.”

Download the full report here.

This report is based on a survey of over 200 marketing and IT professionals.

Digital secrets of comms industry leaders for winning customer experiences

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