Do’s and don’ts of social media marketing

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Analysis, Public Relations

Social media marketing can raise the popularity of a brand significantly. It is important to utilize the power of social media to a brand’s fullest advantage. Some businesses have done remarkably well in growing customer awareness and translating that to leads.

At Sharpie, for example, the marketing team used their products to visually engage the audience. Creative and colorful images were posted on Pinterest and other social media platforms. The images were made using Sharpie markers and pens. In an age where pens and markers are declining in their popularity, this campaign saw a 3 percent increase in sales.

With the digital side of a business being dependent on social media and digital PR, it would be wise not to take it for granted.

Do’s for social media

1) Engage regularly and quickly with followers—Social media engagement is a vital part of marketing strategy. Brands can engage in meaningful conversations and collaborate with influencers to impact people’s purchasing decisions. Most consumers expect to get a response within 60 minutes of their request. So, only posting content is not enough. If the expectations of customers are not met, 1 in 5 customers will not use a product or service because of slow response.

2) Use quality imagery—Pleasing images are crucial when people are making a purchase. With the shortening of attention spans, humans process images at an incredible speed. Low-quality images and stock photos receive very little in terms of engagement and reactions. Hence, superior images are important and serve as the perfect companion for any post.

3) Experiment with formats—Social media activity should not be restricted to written posts and pictures. Consider using video formats like product reviews, DIY videos, or tutorials. User Generated Content is also a great tool for engagement. Bath and Body Works pick the best photos of their followers and repost them with credits.

Don’ts for social media

1) Don’t post irrelevant content—People follow a brand on social media for specific reasons. If they follow a comedian, they expect their posts to be funny. Whatever the niche or identity of a brand is, the content should reflect that. Most of the content has to be aligned with the brand.

2) Don’t exploit bad news—Exploiting a tragedy or any bad news is offensive and in very bad taste. A brand may lose its most loyal followers on social media.

3) Don’t post with errors in grammar and spelling—Social media profiles are similar to shop windows. Making errors—even if it is a simple typo—can make a business seem uninterested. Each post should be proofread before being published.

4) Don’t post political or religious content—People are passionate about religion and politics. Content that is overtly religious or political will prevent a business from connecting with all of its audience.  Unless it’s a calculated decision, content should be neutral before it is posted on social feeds.

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