How the coronavirus pandemic affected social media marketing

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Public Relations

We survived last year, and for that I congratulate you, because it wasn’t easy. We know how much of a struggle it was for everyone, especially if your business depends on engaging with and connecting with consumers. Now, after a complete year living with the global pandemic, we are staying optimistic about what the future holds for us.

The digital world has become the home for almost every business in the last few months and it’s important to acknowledge how the pandemic affected us—and how many brands overcame the challenges we were presented with.

During the pandemic, social media marketing actually improved its stats, thanks to users who spent more time on their social media at home, linked to other accounts following their favorite influencers and escaping feelings of anxiety by what the network offered them, a safe space.

How the coronavirus pandemic affected social media marketing

Who has to win in this situation?

Marketers, right? They have gotten this huge opportunity to benefit from, and statistics show how ads are getting more engagement than before. Some brands backed up and turned off their campaigns, so the market opened up for those who could adapt to the situation.

As a result, many businesses strove to overcome the pandemic to restart engagement online. With customers choosing online shopping, brands developed new ways to target and attract them into their market in order to increase their conversions. It actually worked—Instagram even came up with a new update for online shopping that let users order a product without leaving the app.

Brands and marketers also opted for influencer marketing because influencers can get the public’s empathy more than brands, and these influencers resonated more with consumers than the brand itself. In this new, fragile environment, not only were businesses vulnerable, but consumers too, so the ideal way to engage them was by those influencer connections so that consumers felt safe in the hands of the brand.

How the coronavirus pandemic affected social media marketing

How small businesses tried to survive the digital transformation

Digital agencies came to the rescue of needy businesses who found they had to move their work online faster than they had hoped. Companies were already struggling to succeed in the digital transformation and COVID came along and gave them no choice.

It’s not easy to try to enter the market and create successful campaigns in your niche, especially against more established competitors that have been doing it for years. Digital agencies applied their expertise and offered advice for every small business in need. They came up with many solutions and saved lots of companies from collapse—even if their revenue will not be stable until 2022, as they are still recovering.

How the recovery works. Will we get better?

The digital world has proven to be promising territory, and every company has a place here—but only if you know how to benefit from updates and new tools that social media networks offer. One key consideration right now is upskilling and training employers—as true digital natives, Generation Z has a keener digital competence and it is thought that they can adapt more quickly than others to these new ways of working.

All we know now is that consumers will remain loyal to the brands they interacted smoothly with last year, and they will surely continue to make online purchases as the process is more seamless than ever.

Overall, the pandemic has deeply altered how consumers use and engage with social media, and there’s a strong possibility that these changes will remain even after the pandemic ends.

How the coronavirus pandemic affected social media marketing

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