Everything you need to know about email marketing today

by | Dec 20, 2021 | Marketing, Public Relations

Email marketing is the most successful marketing channel. The best way to connect with your target audience is through email. Nearly 3.8 billion people have an email account, and it’s a reliable way to reach them.

We can be 40x more effective than Facebook and Twitter, thanks to email marketing. Email is the most popular marketing channel for marketers. Many organizations use email marketing to target and interact with their customers. They do this by providing information that is relevant to the individual and will then encourage them to take a certain action.

As per the research by McKinsey, email marketing is one of the most powerful methods of acquiring new customers for your business. This article will offer you insight into email marketing before starting your first campaign and help you stand out to your audience in their inbox.

There are three major key metrics on email marketing:

  • Open rate is the number of emails opened after they are sent. It gives publisher an idea of how many recipients are opening them.
  • Response rate tells us how many have responded to an email.
  • Conversion Rate: A conversion rate is the percentage of prospects who convert and buy.

Advantages of email marketing

Sending emails is a vital part of running a business, whether you’re sending order confirmations, newsletters, or anything else. Email marketing will help businesses to achieve the following objectives.

Everything you need to know about email marketing today

  • Conversions

Sending email campaigns to your subscribers is a good way to drive more sales. This can be done by offering discounts and special offers on birthdays and anniversaries, welcome emails, re-engagements, and abandoned cart emails.

  • Brand awareness

Email is a powerful marketing tool that will help you to stay in touch with your contacts and potential customers. Sending personalized emails instead of social media posts is the most cost-effective way to keep your brand top of mind.

Email marketing platform has features that make it more efficient for you to send newsletters to a wider audience, with minimal costs that are more affordable than other channels. One benefit is its versatility, with insightful data on which campaigns are most successful and how this can be applied in future campaigns.

  • Customer loyalty

An email is a great way to build and develop relationships with your customers. Emails are an effective tool for nurturing leads and converting them into customers. We’ve created a system that lets you engage with your customers by providing regular newsletters, helpful videos, or customer support. This helps to maintain a strong connection between your business and your customer base.

Email marketing best practices get best results

  • Build your email list

To start an email campaign, you’ll first need to build an email list. To do this, you’ll need to develop a new website or update your current one with a signup form for visitors to fill out. You’ll also want to create social media posts with clickable links to your opt-in form so you can convert those leads into subscribers. There are numerous ways for you to build your subscriber lists. We recommend the double opt-in process where subscribers need to confirm they want to subscribe before receiving your emails.

  • Create personalized email contents

Creating and sending a customized email will impact the targeted customers in email marketing. The email content personalization can be done by including the first name, the location they live, the last login time of your app, the last product they purchased, and much more.

Hyper personalization in the email is the proven method to increase your email opens and click-through rates for your email campaigns. Email campaigns with personalized are proven to be more effective in terms of open rates. Studies show that emails with personalized content are 26% more likely to be opened. For effective email campaigns, create content that is more relevant to subscribers, instead of sending general email messages.

  • Reach out to the right person at right time

For a successful marketing campaign, it is essential to reach the right targeted customer at the right time. If your business marketing message wants to reach more people, you need to focus on the right time of email sent out. when they review their email inbox, your email needs to land on the receiver’s inbox.

Sending emails at the right time will have a huge impact. It will increase your email campaign’s open rate and click-through rate. According to HubSpot, Tuesdays and Thursdays are optimal times to send out a newsletter. The Intercom study found that the best time to send an email or newsletter is in the morning, between 10 am and 2 pm, regardless of where it’s opened.

Best practices on email deliverability

Without an excellent deliverability rate, your email campaign won’t be successful. Your emails could be the most fascinating or well-designed emails ever seen, but if subscribers never see them, they won’t convert.

To improve your email deliverability, verify your email address using an email verification checker app before sending it out. These include ZeroBounce, MailerCheck, EmailListVerify, Email Checker, Hunter, and more. Email verification tool will help you check the validity of an email address before attempting an email outreach campaign. The frequency and the content of your emails will also affect your email deliverability.

Reduce your email bounce rate: The major cause for the email bounce rate is as follows:

  • Using invalid email addresses of the email recipients.
  • Using a domain name that doesn’t exist.
  • Prospect email receiver server that blocks the email delivery.
  • Having spam elements on the email content and email subject lines.

Here are steps to reduce your email bounce rates and gain more solid results for your email marketing efforts.

Use Only Permission-Based Email Lists: To avoid a bounce rate on your email campaign, you’ll want to spend time making sure that the lists you’re using are accurate. If someone has registered or subscribed to your mailing list, then it’s likely that you have their permission to contact them by your email.

Always Keep Your Email List Updated: It’s best to keep your email list up-to-date so people will be more likely to open the content of any email you send. If addresses are outdated or too many invalid emails are on the list, the email may return to the sender.

Always make sure you have an up-to-date unsubscribe list, which will make your communication with your users more targeted. It’s also important to clean up your list of subscribers and remove people who don’t want to hear from you. Make sure you include an unsubscribe button with each communication.

Email Address Verification: One of the best ways to reduce your email bounce rate is by verifying your prospect’s email address accuracy before outreach. Using the email verification feature on the Smartwriter tool, you can find the prospect’s email address and verify them. Email verification is essential to avoid high bounce rates and lost opportunities caused by invalid email addresses. Your marketing team can also do bulk email verification by uploading your CSV file.

Test your email subject lines

Researches show that up to 50 percent of the email receiver decides to open the email based on the cold email subject lines. This email subject line is the key element and the deciding factor of your email opening.

Your email’s first impression is the sender, followed by the subject line. You’ll also see the preheader before opening or skipping it. When you’re sending an email to someone, the subject line is the first thing they’ll see. If it doesn’t catch their attention, they will probably just move past it and not even bother opening the message. Strong subject lines are a must for any business. Analyze your email open rates so you can improve them. You can start this by making your email subject line more interesting. One way to do this is through A/B testing, and being creative with your email title.


Email marketing is the most appropriate way to generate new customers and revisit customers. The actionable email marketing tips we offer will improve your CTR and help you generate continuous revenue. Maintaining a professional tone and establishing relationships with your subscribers will help you convert those contacts into customers down the line. Also, the future is automation, so try to automate your emails and follow-ups sequences in an organized way to scale up your sales.

Vaibhav Namburi
Vaibhav Namburi is the founder of SmartWriter. AI personalised cold emailing software that automates the entire outreach email process with multi touch personalisation, increasing reply rates by 8x.