How a strong online presence can be your brand’s best PR

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Analysis, Public Relations

Focusing your attention on assets like your website and social media accounts can help you engage with a broad audience. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as creating a website and calling it a day. You must also think about aspects of design like UX, or the user experience. When a website is not easy to navigate, it can turn away potential customers and create more complicated issues for your business down the line.

There are a number of simple ways to improve how consumers interact with your website. Explore these ideas and discover the best ways to invigorate your web assets.

Understand the problem points

Before you can make improvements to your website, you need to identify problem points. It is easiest to spot these areas by interacting with your web assets on your own in the manner a first-time user might. You’ll start to notice errors right away, so be sure to document everything that you notice as being an issue. In some cases, it can also prove beneficial to do a bit of market research and have customers take surveys pointing out what they find to be weird or frustrating issues with your company’s website.

Even a small issue like a broken link can lead to lost sales. Studies have shown that malfunctioning websites and apps are very likely to be closed out or deleted entirely by annoyed consumers. The moment your website is not performing the way a user expects, this person is going to leave your page and search elsewhere for the goods and services you offer. Dedicating time to thoroughly inspecting your assets for problems is a surefire way to get a clear idea of what moves you should make next.

Experience your site through the eyes of a user to see the big picture

While identifying problems is a great way to get started, you want to think beyond simply fixing broken aspects of your site. During this process, you want to take a step back and look at the big picture. What do you hope to accomplish with your website? Are you looking to convert more users into customers? Do you want to drive more organic traffic to your landing pages? The exact goals you set will define how you improve your web assets. Plus, having concrete goals allows you an easier chance to monitor your progress as you go along.

In some cases, you may wish to explore options like network virtualization. When you want to overhaul your current web design and begin implementing new features, you need to provide your IT team with the resources required to get the job done. Virtualization helps organize your IT team, improve your security, and allows your assets the ability to perform better. Exploring this type of service can be incredibly beneficial when you’re looking to improve your website’s capabilities and require a program that simulates traditional hardware functions.

Transparency is key

Consumers are savvier these days when it comes to navigating websites. This means you want to avoid any tactics that might come across as shady or manipulative. When the copy on your website contains too many “call to action” buttons telling customers to “click here,” it can read as a little too forceful.

Be as transparent as possible with the way you present information. Potential customers are on your website because you have something to offer that they want. Different services you might offer should be easy to find and access. If you offer a tax service like, a 1099 generator, or sell a product, like business advising, make sure you site truly focuses on showing the benefits of using your website over others. Focus on highlighting your products or services rather than trying to entice people with smoke and mirrors.

On this topic, you may also want to think about optimizing your assets. The copy on your website needs to be natural, informative, and engaging. If it is loaded with keywords to attract consumers and little context, it will be flagged by Google and other search engines. SEO services can help you put forth the most relevant copy that draws organic traffic without trickery.

UX matters

There are many ways to improve the way your web assets perform. Hiring someone to create a great user experience will help create customers that will be loyal. UX focuses on creating products that provide excellent service and  meaningful experiences for users. Design and Branding are key for creating a strong UX Interface that will keep your clients coming back. Use clear and simple design and formatting. Create an efficient layout to show direction. Make the website and design consistent. Make sure all messages, whether error, or otherwise and completely understandable with clear instruction. Focus on UX and you will be able to discover the right way to get started and see results from your efforts.

Walter Bodell