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As marketing becomes an increasingly technical and data-driven discipline, marketing leaders face new challenges—and opportunities.

Tech-focused marketing consultancy DemandLab recently released the findings of its marketing data and technology strategy survey of B2B and B2C marketing decision makers highlighting their perspectives on data analytics, integrations, accuracy, and effectiveness.

“More than any other discipline, marketing has led the way in leveraging technology and data to streamline performance and refine the strategy,” said Rhoan Morgan, DemandLab CEO, in a news release. “As first-wave technology matures and the second wave approaches, we wanted to see how marketing leaders were planning for the future.”

How marketing leaders are navigating new data and tech innovations

The new report, Leadership Perspectives: Leveraging Data and Technology to Drive Marketing Success, conducted in partnership with Ascend2, highlights the priorities, concerns, and challenges that marketers in leadership positions must negotiate as they plan for the future.

“The survey reveals that optimism is high as marketing leaders are experiencing significant success when they focus on implementing marketing and data technology,” said Todd Lebo, CMO and partner at Ascend2, in the release. “The report also uncovers some hidden opportunities that exist for marketers as they navigate the next wave of technology to make better decisions, integrate data across more technologies, streamline marketing with technology, implement predictive marketing and AI, and more.”

How marketing leaders are navigating new data and tech innovations

Key findings from the report include:

  • 53 percent of marketing leaders reported that using data analytics for decision-making is a top strategic priority
  • Yet only 25 percent are prioritizing next-wave innovations such as predictive marketing and AI
  • 50 percent reported that integrating data across technologies is a top barrier to success
  • Only 52 percent reported that they were acting on their integration challenges
  • 25 percent consider their marketing data and technology strategy to be ‘highly successful’

Download the report here.

How marketing leaders are navigating new data and tech innovations

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