How PR can increase your web presence

by | Jul 26, 2019 | Public Relations

Public relations is not just the domain of the rich and famous. PR is also essential to businesses large and small, though the work of industry experts is often misunderstood by small business owners. They may be wary of PR, though that would indicate they have little understanding of what it involves or its benefits.

Let’s talk about how PR can increase your web presence and otherwise benefit your firm.

It increases awareness of your business

Before you can convert visitors to a website into customers, they have to know you and your website exist. Public relations firms are great at creating awareness with your intended customer base. They’ll be able to determine where your audience is, the media they consume and the best ways to reach them. For example, they’ll determine which magazines are read by your audience. You can use these same channels to sell to the same market later, after they know about your firm.

It can build your brand up

It isn’t enough to promote your brand name. Potential customers need to know what you offer to them and what makes you different from the competition. A PR firm can help you create a clear message of your core values and communicate it consistently across all channels. This should include both traditional media and informative articles posted online.

Whether you’re explaining who you are, the value of your products or the type of business you’re in, a digital marketing agency like Web Presence will be able to increase brand awareness and recognition to the point more people move through the sales funnel to your website ready to buy. Web Presence, in particular, creates websites that drive hot, targeted prospects to your website. You won’t just see a spike in web traffic but sales.

It is invaluable when launching something new

Public relations talent is invaluable when you’re trying to launch something new. Whether it is a new product, a new website or a new marketing campaign, PR firms can craft a marketing strategy to build awareness and generate buzz in time with the launch. Once the new website gets an influx of traffic or the new product is selling well on launch, it will tend to remain at that same level. This is easier than trying to build up an existing product to ramp up sales or trying to repair an online reputation.

It complements online marketing

Press releases, magazine interviews, and other classic PR strategies complement your online marketing. Magazines that interview you may post those interviews online or simply have mentions of your website and brand name. Reporter interviews often create credible backlinks to your website while raising your profile. Links like these are one of the top-ranking factors used by search engines.

Social media mentions and sharing of that content builds awareness and raises the profile of your brand and website with search engines. All of this complements the online marketing you do and the search engine rankings of any other content you publish.


You should be incorporating public relations into your marketing strategy. It works wonders on all fronts, including your SEO and search engine results page rankings. In short, PR is one of the best tools available to increase your web presence.

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Steve Conway
Steve Conway is a content marketing professional and inbound marketing expert. Previously, Steve worked as a marketing manager for a tech software start-up. He is passionate about discovering new software that will that will advance his already well-honed digital marketing techniques.


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