How smart word choices help marketers drive traffic

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Marketing, Public Relations

New research from SEO-focused hosting services firm ASEOHosting emphasizes why writing clarity is an important key to helping marketers successfully serve their brands.

“When writing copy, whether for a website or an advertising spot, keyword choice is not the only thing that matters,” said Daniel Page, director of business development at ASEOHosting, in a news release. “It’s imperative that brands understand how their audience speaks and thinks, and how they will perceive a particular word or phrase. As one might expect, different demographics tend to have different perspectives of the world, and those perspectives color their interpretation.”

Page cautions brands against using jargon or industry terminology that might be unfamiliar to their audience

It is important, explains Page, to choose each word carefully, and to structure each piece of copy in such a way that it’s easy to understand. It’s also important to consider how phrasing might alter a customer’s response.

“I recently read about an A/B test carried out by online retailer Fab, where they made a simple, seemingly irrelevant change to their shopping cart,” Page recalls. “They replaced the phrase ‘+ Cart’ with the phrase ‘Add to Cart.’ Those two words resulted in a 49 percent increase in clicks.”

Improper word choice can have a harmful effect where user feedback is concerned

If the language on a customer satisfaction survey is not impartial, it has the potential to negatively impact results. He advises keeping questions neutral and avoid using words that lead customers, however slightly, to a particular result.

“Ultimately, my advice is simple,” says Page. “Always choose your words carefully, be as concise as possible with your marketing copy, and don’t be afraid to experiment with new phrasing and terminology on occasion. Consider how every word you use will be perceived, and align that with how you want to be perceived.”

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Richard Carufel
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