How the Kardashians knock digital marketing out of the park

by | Dec 5, 2019 | Analysis, Public Relations

The Kardashian clan started out small, and then, thanks to Kris Jenner, ended up becoming a global phenomenon. With a total of six children, each of them being a trending topic on social media at different points in the week, one would think they’re doing something right to be able to gain traction so quickly and easily—especially in a world that doesn’t want to pay too much attention to anything.

And to think that the entire Kardashian empire started out from a simple reality show is slightly mind-boggling. The youngest member of the family, Kylie Jenner, became the youngest self-made billionaire in the world through her social media presence and her cosmetics line. And the rest of her siblings are just as good at marketing themselves as she is.

The reality show gets a million viewers with each episode, and each one of them has hundreds of millions of followers on Instagram alone, which got some people thinking that there must be some kind of secret to their ongoing success. In fact, there are a few key details that have helped them stay relevant and gain even more traction in recent days:

Having a personal connection with the audience

Whether by accident or on purpose, everyone seems to know a little something about this famous family these days. And it’s no coincidence since each member shares plenty of intimate details of their personal lives right on their social media—precisely what the audience enjoys—getting to see the vulnerable and spontaneous side of fame and fortune.

Each of the sisters knows that all they need to do is tailor the posts so that the masses can see what they want and feel a personal connection with their favorite Kardashian, and the rest is simple. People see them as accessible, as people who can be both business owners and regular people at the same time, which makes them very attractive.

Generating hype

No other celebrity can generate hype quite as well as the Kardashians can. At one point, Kim Kardashian announced her plan to “break the internet.” And at another point, Kylie Jenner nearly did so when, after being silent and ignoring the suspicions of pregnancy, finally announced that she had given birth.

Although not much ended up happening in the aftermath of either of these events, they were enough to get everyone talking about all the different possibilities, which only boosted the family’s publicity.

Turning followers into customers

Now that we’ve covered their personal connections with the public and their ability to generate hype no matter what they end up doing, it’s time for the last key factor: turning their followers into paying customers. Since the sisters mostly use Instagram as their favored social media platform, they tend to do a lot of sponsorships and collaborations there.

The Kardashians are stars on many fronts—but especially on digital media.

Photo source: Cosmopolitan.com

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