How to combine digital PR with SEO for outstanding results

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Analysis, Public Relations

To understand how to successfully combine digital PR with SEO for outstanding results, it is vital to know the main differences between these two areas. While digital PR focuses on building brand awareness through communication with PR agencies, bloggers, journalists, and public relations in general, the SEO team is more focused on boosting website traffic and improving ranking on Google.

At first sight, these teams seem like two different worlds. However, you will find that they have many similarities that allow them to create a winning combination for any business. Let’s see how!

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Aligning the strategies

Since both PR and SEO teams have a somewhat different approach to their daily activities, it is crucial to align them to move in the same direction. Both teams should complement each other.

If you combine digital PR with SEO, both can work with a great SEO agency to find influencers and journalists who can contribute to the blog, resulting in more quality backlinks. At the same time, SEO analytics provide a full insight into customer behavior, their needs, and the consumer demographic. The PR team can use this data to improve their communication with clients.

The goal should be to create community-based marketing that will help your business benefit more from the local community.

Using social media platforms to build better customer relations

As the PR team is slowly building brand awareness, more and more people are discovering your business. At the same time, they will start looking for different communication channels to get in touch with you and start using your products and services. They might also need information.

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The unity between PR and SEO is necessary if you wish to promote a brand efficiently.

The PR team should use social media platforms to communicate with potential consumers. While doing so, they should focus on releasing SEO-friendly content that will not only be beneficial to customers but also increase Google rankings.

The SEO team can provide targeted keywords, links, or hashtags for that content. These marketing tactics are still effective today, so use them to your benefit.

Attract consumers through charity events

Brands are known for organizing a multitude of charity events to help out people all over the world. The most vital part of the preparation process is communication. The PR team needs to convey charity event goals to the public in the right way.

At the same time, the SEO team should focus on providing all the content necessary to inform the online audiences of the same event. Setting up a web page or managing social media profiles are the best approaches. A professional can help you gather enough customer-related information from their reports on the click-through rate, page popularity, conversions, and much more, and use that data to create content for the charity event.

Use PR and SEO to link all of the business channels together

The key to running a successful brand is consistency. Releasing content on just one channel is not enough. To create a consistent image of your brand’s actions, you must make sure the PR and SEO teams are developing and releasing content for all channels simultaneously.

If launching a new product or service, you have to announce it on all social media platforms, your website, through customer e-mails, and in public. These announcements have to be simultaneous, and the only way this could be done is if there is a seamless transition between both teams. The SEO team should make sure all the content is optimized to serve the purpose, and the PR team must act quickly and spread the word by using that content.

Be omnipresent

One of the mistakes SEO teams sometimes make is focusing more on keywords and forgetting about brand awareness. Your brand must be present everywhere, at all times. Create a unified strategy that focuses on outreach and brand awareness at the same time.

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By combining multiple factors, digital PR and SEO teams will create outstanding results.

That’s why there is a need for PR and SEO to help each other and create content that will be beneficial to both teams’ goals.

Combine digital PR with SEO for outstanding results and push your business forward

The efficiency of these strategies that will combine digital PR with SEO is proven many times over. By joining these teams and creating a cohesive environment, the brand gets a strong unity that will push the business forward. Furthermore, by complementing each other, both the digital PR and SEO team are improving their operations. They also gain more in-depth knowledge about what everyone does. Having all of this information at their disposal can lead to creating quality content that will benefit the whole company.

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