How to create engaging video training content on a budget

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Analysis, Public Relations

Today’s young, tech-based workforce has pushed the demand for online training and eLearning to unprecedented heights. Perhaps the biggest driver is video content. Video training is an effective means to facilitate learning, appealing to multiple brain functions at once and drastically improving retention.

For a staff gearing towards a millennial edge, courses embedded in video take advantage of the way young people absorb information. This is why video training should be a critical driver of any new and continuing employee education program.

Steps to take:

Gear up

This is perhaps the most daunting step. A quick search of professional video equipment will probably make your jaw drop, so let’s turn this around—this is part of the process where you can save the most money for your department.

Thanks to amazing technological advancements, the camera in your phone is now remarkably powerful, focused and capable for most video capturing endeavors. In fact, the Apple iPhone 8 can shoot video in 4K. The same quality goes for the built-in camera that is a frequent feature of many laptops and desktops.

A cost-effective way of capturing, editing and streaming content

What about the software and the process? How should you curate content? What about storage? The average minute of 4K video captured at 60fps is 400MB. Do you need subtitles? Overdubs on sound? How will your employees access content? Interact with content?

Video content management

An all-in-one video content management system can be the most budget-friendly way to cover every facet of your video training content. A quality content management system can provide cloud storage for video, edited files and content library, saving a great deal on storage and servers.

The system will let you edit content in-house with relative ease; most systems are designed with the inexperienced user in mind, so no need to engage with the IT department or hire a marketing professional with video background.

A video content management system allows users to upload libraries and lets managers assign specific videos to employees based on areas they would like to develop. Employees can scan the library by department or keyword to quickly find the info they need. And, users can leave feedback at various points in the video.

Producing meaningful video training content is an efficient way to educate team members and foster growth. There’s no need to be shy due to budget; video has become the great equalizer in the training industry.

Sean Gordon
Sean Gordon founded HIRENAMI to take recruiting challenges from painful, inefficient, and time consuming to quick and effective, for employees and employers. Sean has created new lines of business, reinvigorated stagnant company cultures, and mentored hundreds of employees who have gone on to do great things.


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