How to maximize your marketing on Shopify

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Public Relations

The e-commerce platform Shopify has made it incredibly easy for practically anyone to create their own digital store and start generating sales. All that a business owner needs to do is ensure that there is an audience that wants to purchase the solutions that the company will provide. This is the main reason why Shopify businesses need to rely on marketing efforts. No matter how great a solution might be, if a business doesn’t market itself to a target audience, that target audience won’t be able to find the business or its solutions in the first place.

Abandoned carts

One of the ways that Shopify businesses can promote themselves and their solutions is by creating campaigns that will focus on recovering any potential customers that have abandoned their carts. This way, businesses can bring back any shoppers that decided to add some products to their carts but didn’t complete their purchase. The reason why companies should be marketing toward these kinds of people is that these members of the target audience have already shown an interest in the business or its solutions, which means there are high chances that they can convert. Additionally, it’s a lot more cost-effective and easier for businesses to generate sales from abandoned carts compared to any other strategy for attaining customers or generating leads.

All that a business owner needs to do is periodically send out reminders to the potential customers that have decided to abandon their carts so they can be motivated to return and complete their purchasing process. A great way to incentivize these people further is to provide them with a discount code or a coupon because the potential customers that have arrived at the checkout page and have abandoned their cart don’t tend to refuse discounts. One of the best ways for companies to utilize the strategy is through email or text messages, or even social media and push notifications. Each one of these strategies can be automated to save businesses time and ensure that all of the lost website traffic is brought back to the website to recover any lost conversions

Email marketing

One of the most important marketing strategies for any sort of Shopify business is email marketing. When done right, email efforts can be used to attract new potential customers, generate sales, and retain any existing customers. As previously mentioned, email is one of the strategies that companies can use to bring back any customers that have abandoned their carts by sending them offers that will entice those customers so they return and make a purchase.

However, aside from using email in that way, businesses can also create a regular email newsletter where they will be sending out special offers, product news as well as any other useful messages to the subscribers of that newsletter. To create a great newsletter, businesses need to first convince website visitors to give away their email addresses in exchange for some sort of valuable information, and then send them a welcome email. After that, the business can send them promotional emails that are relevant to their interests, including cart abandonment emails, and update the subscribers with information regarding their previous orders.

Mike Paffmann
Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo-PR.


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