How to use video marketing to win clients and influence markets—12 types to consider

by | Mar 30, 2023 | Public Relations

In the world of digital marketing, using video to spread awareness, engage audiences, and ultimately boost sales is still a popular tactic. In addition to being efficient, video marketing is also a flexible strategy that can be used to accomplish objectives like brand promotion, audience education, and rapport-building.

Video marketing options

Understanding the different forms of media that can advance a brand is crucial before you can successfully develop a video marketing strategy. These types of videos include:

  • Brand videos: These are frequently used as social media advertisements to increase brand awareness and increase website traffic. Brand videos are typically a component of a broader advertising campaign.
  • Event videos: A company may record the highlights of the events from an event it sponsored or in which it took part.
  • Explainer videos: As their name suggests, explainer videos give a detailed explanation of how a product functions or how a viewer might gain from it.
  • Live videos: A brand can use live videos to increase client engagement by broadcasting live to a social media audience.
  • Instructional videos: These teach a target audience something they would find useful, such as helping potential customers understand how to make the most of a product.
  • Disappearing videos: A brand can encourage a sense of urgency in its audience and attract more attention by utilizing disappearing films on platforms like Snapchat, Facebook Stories, or Instagram Stories.
  • Videos featuring experts: An efficient tactic to provide an audience with actual value while presenting the brand as an authority in its industry is to create a film in which a brand interviews experts and influencers.
  • Customized videos: Today’s forward-thinking companies employ video to respond to client complaints and questions.
  • AR videos: With the right AR VR solutions the businesses may use augmented reality videos to let customers examine items and interact with services by adding a digital overlay to their video content.
  • Animation films: With animation, video marketers have more creative freedom, which improves the way they can express complex or esoteric ideas. The format is also a captivating and enjoyable technique to draw viewers.
  • VR movies: Virtual reality videos, while not currently widely used in marketing, have the potential to one day play a crucial role in interactive video marketing.

How to include video in your marketing plan

Following your decision to launch a video marketing campaign and your familiarization with the various formats at your disposal, it’s critical to follow the right steps to include video in your entire marketing plan. Hastily producing a video and publishing it through a channel that is arbitrarily chosen will only lead to resource waste and missed chances. Businesses can hire video production professionals to ensure that they are represented correctly, while also including all of the other elements required to reach a wider audience. Some of the best video production companies have acquired and perfected the way of video content creation and provide those services to their clients. You can find them by outsourcing to companies in Europe.

Determine your target audience and your objectives

Before you can create an effective marketing video, you must first identify your target audience and set realistic goals for your video campaign. By defining a target market, video marketers can select the format that is most likely to engage potential customers and the messaging that is most likely to connect with the audience. For an easy approach, you can buy Instagram followers from a reliable source. Setting specific goals and objectives also helps marketers plan for effective video production, because a brand awareness campaign, for example, will not use the same message as one designed to directly drive sales.


In conclusion, video marketing remains a popular and effective strategy in the world of digital marketing. The flexibility of video marketing allows businesses to accomplish a range of objectives, from increasing brand awareness to building rapport with customers. It is important to understand the various types of videos available, such as brand videos, event videos, explainer videos, live videos, instructional videos, disappearing videos, expert interviews, customized videos, AR videos, animation videos, and VR videos.

Once you have identified your target audience and set your objectives, it is critical to include video in your overall marketing plan in a deliberate and strategic manner. By following these steps, businesses can successfully use video marketing to win clients and influence markets.

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