ICYMI: Bulldog’s Top 10 most popular posts in July

by | Aug 6, 2021 | Public Relations

Like much of America, Bulldog Reporter is enjoying a summer of restoration and a return to a semblance of days of old, with some terrific “normal” content and visibility. Even though the shadow of COVID lingers, our most popular posts reflected a rebound of business and communications—and the new challenges involved.

Topics ranged from new journalist expectations of PR and the empowered boost of communications in a new age to an update on influencer earnings, content repurposing and the growing influence of podcasts. Our contributors tackled topics like writing better press releases, softening the impact of crisis and how patience pays off in today’s PR world.

In case you missed a few of these, we have collected them here for your convenience. Enjoy the reads, and the rest of your summer!

Influencer income: New study explores range of industry earning rates, impact of fraud

With influencer marketing adoption moving so fast, PR and marketers wonder how much they should be paying, under what circumstances, the return they should expect, and what red flags they should be watching for. Great insights here.

Journalists speak out on PR relationships, and what PR pros can do better to meet their needs

Today’s reporters say they still rely on PR pros for content—but say they need to see an improvement in the quality of pitching, as too often journalists receive inaccurate or irrelevant information from PR practitioners. Here’s what to do.

4 tips for writing an effective press release in 2021

All PR professionals know the importance of an effective press release. If you want all of the benefits that releases offer for yourself or your clients, you need to learn the art of writing them.

7 ways to use PR to improve customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction used to be the measure of how happy a customer is with a company’s products or services. Nowadays, there’s more to it than meets the eye. And PR plays a key role.

8 actions that can make a PR crisis worse

While timely action can prevent the worst consequences of a PR crisis, there are certain actions that an organization can take that will make a crisis worse. Here’s a review of the key offenders.

6 effective ways to repurpose your brand’s PR coverage

Here are some top ways brands can repurpose its PR coverages to support its marketing efforts and communicate its company developments with its customers, employees and stakeholders.

After an unpredictable year of COVID, organizations value the role of PR more than ever

Following a tumultuous year, 80% of PR and comms professionals say organizations place a greater value on comms, according to the 2021 JOTW Strategic Communications Survey.

Study: Today’s podcast audience is a WOM powerhouse

Podcast audiences talk more about brands across categories—in fact more so than the audience for any other medium including social media. And they are richer in word of mouth influencers.

Podcast listeners are the fastest-growing media audience, but demographics are shifting

Podcast listenership is skyrocketing.New research offers a comprehensive look at who and where these listeners are, their behavioral patterns, trends shaping the medium and the factors contributing to its enormous growth.

In today’s PR, patience is a virtue—here’s how to restrain yourself

With the advance of multi-channel markets and omnichannel campaigns, many businesses are trying their best to navigate this field in terms of marketing and PR. But rushing in rarely pays off.

Richard Carufel
Richard Carufel is editor of Bulldog Reporter and the Daily ’Dog, one of the web’s leading sources of PR and marketing communications news and opinions. He has been reporting on the PR and communications industry for over 17 years, and has interviewed hundreds of journalists and PR industry leaders. Reach him at richard.carufel@bulldogreporter.com; @BulldogReporter


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