6 effective ways to repurpose your brand’s PR coverage

by | Jul 19, 2021 | Analysis, Public Relations

Getting coverage for your brand is not easy. It requires significant strategic thinking and planning and eventually executing on those ideas to generate results. But how do you use those coverages once your team has gained it through earned media?

From sharing your brands coverage on your company’s newsroom, featuring it in your monthly newsletters to customers to creating creative videos out of those coverages for social media, here are some ways brands can repurpose its PR coverages to support its marketing efforts and communicate its company developments with its customers, employees and stakeholders.

1. Add the coverage to the company’s newsroom

Want to communicate with your customers, employees or stakeholders your corporate developments? Consider adding the media or influencer coverages mentioning your brand to your company’s newsroom.

An online newsroom builds brand awareness and helps your customers, employees and stakeholders to understand how your company has progressed. On this page, share media or influencer coverages from your brands recent or past announcements such as stories mentioning its new products, store openings or new hires it has made within the company. Sharing this information will not only engage your brands audience and build credibility, but also make it easier for them to keep up to date with your brand, since so many people rely on the internet for information on brands they follow and trust.

2. Add the coverage to the company’s newsletter

Want to connect with your customers to keep your business and brand top of mind? Consider sharing your coverages from your company’s new campaign in your newsletter.

Newsletters are a great way to communicate your company’s corporate developments while building relationships with your customers. In a section of your newsletter, share the coverage from your company’s latest product launch, store opening or the interview of your CEO talking about your company’s new partnership. Consistently sharing relevant coverages in your company’s newsletter will not only continue to position your brand as an expert in its industry, but also will keep your customers up to date on new announcements your company is making.

3. Share the coverage on the brand’s social media channels

Want to increase engagement on your brands social? Consider creating social posts with the top coverages mentioning your brand for its social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Sharing your brands coverages on its social media channels is another way to keep your followers informed about the recent announcements from your brand. For example, if you have coverages from trade media publishing your photo and caption of the employees at your new store helping the first customers in the store, consider sharing it on your brands social media channels. Also, if you have coverages of your CEO’s op-ed on a timely topic then share it on your brands Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

4. Create a short video with the top coverages generated from your company’s community giving program

Want to show your customers and followers how your brand is giving back to the community? Consider creating a video with the top coverages from your community giving program.

Videos are visually appealing, easy to consume and captures the audience’s attention easily. For example, if you have coverages of your brand mentioned in the community papers, trade magazines or websites showcasing the charities it has donated to then make a video out of those coverages. To raise awareness for your company’s good deeds, upload that video to your company’s YouTube channel and then share the link to the video in your social posts for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to drive traffic.

5. Write a blog highlighting some memorable coverages generated from your brand’s latest campaign

Is your brand looking to share with its customers or stakeholders the top coverages it received from its latest product launch? Consider writing a blog highlighting what the new product your brand has released, why it was innovative and some of the stories that has been written about the product by the media or influencers.

Blogging allows companies to share information about its business and services, share opinions on its industry or the economy and also blog posts help with SEO. For example, if your brand is in the food space and would like to share information with its customers about its June flavors then the company’s communication team should write a blog. In the blog, they can talk about the new flavors, how the flavor tastes, what stories has been written in the media about it and also they can feature some of the coverages from the influencers the brand has collaborated with.

6. Republish your contributed story on the company blog

Want to share with your customers the different ways to use your products? Consider republishing your contributed story submitted to the local news or lifestyle websites.

Contributed stories are editorial focused not advertorial. Editors of local news and lifestyle websites are always open to accepting contributed stories in a list based format focusing on significant holidays. For example, if your brands communication team submitted a contributed story for Father’s Day highlighting what people can gift their dad on this day then republish that story on your own blog with permission from the editor. If the editor gives your team permission to repost, make sure when republishing the story, be sure to add a disclaimer saying for example “This story was originally published on GTA Weekly”. Republishing your contributed stories will save you time because your team will already have editorial content to populate its blog for the week.

Samiha Fariha
Samiha Fariha is a Senior Associate at Golin, where she works to help provide communications counsel to a wide variety of clients in retail, consumer food, beauty, travel and clients from many other industries. Follow Samiha on X or connect with her on LinkedIn.


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