Key factors to watch in today’s transforming PR landscape

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Analysis, Public Relations

Public relations is a multifaceted enterprise that is subject to a constantly changing media environment. While certain tried and true methods and approaches have stood the test of time, today’s PR requires a deft perspective and an understanding of certain factors that will impact your messaging.

Trust is not a given

There was a time when people simply trusted what was “in the news.” These days, though, people trust what is in “their” news. They trust their favorite news sources, but they tend not to extend that trust to other sources. Sometimes, this dynamic is called “media tribalism.” People believe their chosen source above or instead of all others. That’s not to say earning trust is impossible. It’s just more challenging.

DIY marketing is everywhere

From website companies that offer “quick and easy” builds to social media platforms practically begging users to create advertisements, the opportunities for do-it-yourself marketing, advertising, and public relations are omnipresent. Many times, people eventually realize the importance and the value of professional public relations. Too often, though, that’s after they’ve made a serious mistake or missed a clear opportunity.

You get what you pay for

With so many people having access to the tools they think make them an established public relations professional, the competition is driving down price points, especially for companies just beginning to explore their PR options. Sure, cheaper rates seem good, but will they deliver the value you need to get the most out of your PR efforts. In many cases, more established PR firms can work within your budget to help you grow more efficiently.

Relationships matter

Even as media outlets are shifting and more people are getting into the industry, relationships are still the key of the realm. When choosing a PR firm, who they’ve worked with and who they know matters. Be cautious here, though. It’s not all about the “big names” in media. It’s about the connections that will best benefit your brand and your message.

Pervasive voices dilute attention

There was a time when getting noticed by more people, either through earned or paid media, was “easier,” in that there were fewer outlets and a higher percentage of people paying attention to those outlets. These days, with the proliferation of TV channels, websites, and radio programming, the sheer number of opinion makers has grown exponentially—which means getting noticed by a single source doesn’t have the punch or coverage it once did. The solution, then, is to get more coverage in more outlets and to be more selective in the media you target with your message.

Ronn Torossian
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