Measuring what matters—are you on the right path?

by | Jan 4, 2018 | Analysis, Public Relations

Analyzing data can be difficult. Some data is tough to fully capture. Some data is difficult to make sense of. And sometimes organizations are so time-constrained that crunching the numbers only receives a sliver of the time it deserves.

But measuring success matters to marketing, sales, PR and public affairs teams so they can ensure they’re on the best path to meeting their goals.

One thing is for sure: The sales and decision-making journey is different for every organization and company. But regardless of what the sales journey looks like, there are some fundamental steps every company or organization can take to make sure they’re measuring what matters to their bottom line.

Tigercomm’s Sarah Lippincott is no stranger to taking on the challenge of crafting winning integrated marketing strategies that blend extensive market research and deliver results to Tigercomm clients.

Sarah knows how to capture and analyze the metrics that matter and use them to deliver results. Over the summer, Sarah took centerstage at the Public Relations Society of America 2017 Summit to talk about measuring what matters.

Watch her complete presentation here:

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Noah Ginsberg
Noah Ginsberg is an Account Consultant at Tigercomm.


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