PR pulse: Most travelers aren’t deterred by negative airline incidents

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Public Relations

While stories about unruly passengers, overly aggressive employees and security officials and other incidents on airlines seem to be on the rise, they actually have limited impact on air travel, according to joint surveys conducted by international transportation provider GO Group and ground transportation firm GO Airport Express.

Sixty-seven percent of the 738 survey respondents noted they were still planning on traveling by plane this summer, regardless of confrontations. Less than one percent of respondents said they were canceling their plans. Sixteen percent were unsure and 15 percent noted they hadn’t planned on flying this summer.

The survey also asked whether the incidents will cause participants to switch their preferred airlines. About seven percent responded “yes;” 34 percent responded no and 15 percent had not yet made up their minds.

business man with luggage waiting in the airport

Some did note in their comments that negative stories will make them think twice about flying, and that airline selection will be important. Others listed the airlines they will be avoiding from now on.

“While these unpleasant incidents get widespread press and viral coverage across social platforms, in general, they occur very infrequently,” said John McCarthy, president of GO Group LLC, in a news release. “We believe flying is still the most convenient means to travel and that the airlines are committed to ensuring passenger comfort and safety.”

Passengers expect exit from aircraft

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