Retail PR: Three key components in influencing consumer behavior 

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Public Relations

Motivating consumers to engage and convert is every brand retailer’s top priority, and as competition heats up and consumer expectations amplify, it’s more important than ever for marketers to find unique ways to engage them and capture their attention.

Despite a mandate to better understand their customers, new research from consumer engagement firm Quikly reveals that many brands still fail to align themselves with the motivating behaviors that drive purchases—even though the brands that do so see higher levels of acquisition, engagement, sales and retention. The new survey shows that exclusivity, timeliness and earnings are key to driving consumer purchase decisions.

Three key components in influencing consumer behavior 

The firm recently released a consumer study and white paper, How Marketers Can Use Incentives More Strategically to Influence Consumer Behavior, offering more than 30 new-to-market statistics from 1,000 consumers regarding attitudes and sentiments toward offers and promotions.

“Properly motivating consumers to engage with brands and products is every retailer’s top priority but standard marketing procedures often don’t deliver,” said Shawn Geller, CEO and co-founder of Quikly, in a news release.

Key findings include:

72 percent of consumers prefer exclusive offers

Three key components in influencing consumer behavior 

60 percent of buyers find time sensitive offers motivating

Three key components in influencing consumer behavior 

88 percent of consumers are more likely to redeem a reward or offer that they had to work for

Three key components in influencing consumer behavior 

The study offers case studies from leading brands that have effectively leveraged incentives and offers to improve consumer engagement, loyalty and brand growth, as well as best practices to motivate consumers while increasing acquisition, activation and retention numbers.

Download the report here.

Partnering with Equation Research, Quikly surveyed more than 1,000 consumers to develop the study, and cited real campaign successes from client JOANN Fabric and other national Retailers and QSR brands.

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