According to a recent study from CXL Institute, marketing leaders haven’t closed the skills gap—despite spending almost $1,000 per employee and billions annually on training.

For companies that don’t already have an online presence, the skills gap in marketingis even wider. When asked to rank their company’s strength in marketing, offline business leaders gave an average score of only 6.6 out of 10—online business leaders gave a score of 7.4.

Skills gap in marketing grows—despite billions spent on training

Structured, well-funded training programs might be the solution to closing the skills gap

Marketing leaders from larger organizations were more confident in their marketing talent—they also led the way by offering regular, recurring training for employees. Leaders from enterprise-level organizations were also more likely to increase training budgetsin 2019.

Skills gap in marketing grows—despite billions spent on training

“It’s easy and common for even the most experienced marketers to gloss over the basics and lose touch with the fundamentals of good marketing,” says Hana Abaza, head of marketing at Shopify Plus, an enterprise ecommerce platform for large and growing online stores, in a news release. “A good training course is rooted in these principles, even if the topic is more tactical in nature.”

Skills gap in marketing grows—despite billions spent on training

Download the full report here.

The study surveyed 462 marketing leaders across a variety of sectors, including travel, publishing, non-profit and ecommerce, who all identified that developing and retaining marketing talent is a common challenge.

Skills gap in marketing grows—despite billions spent on training

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