Successful NFT marketing: 4 effective campaign tips

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Marketing, Public Relations

The NFT marketplace has consistently attracted a number of players in the last couple of years, which means anyone entering it now might have a difficult time grabbing the attention of potential investors. Without an NFT marketing plan, the digital collectibles won’t be able to generate the right attention or any attention at all. To launch a successful NFT marketing campaign, it’s important to understand why a campaign hoping to launch that campaign is important.

With the help of an NFT marketing campaign, companies can help their NFT creations stand out in an increasingly crowded market while developing a positive reputation with the audience. Additionally, with marketing campaigns, companies can increase the levels of engagement with their target audiences, which can increase sales, including the sales of NFTs.

Attention-grabbing story

Once a company has created its NFT, it’s time to start convincing consumers to make a purchase, and the best way to do that is to create a narrative that explains why those NFTs are valuable, and why consumers should buy them. The story also needs to explain how a company’s NFTs are different from the other ones available in the market, how they’re special, and why consumers should have a long-term interest in them. The most successful NFT projects are those that have developed a narrative that answers all of those questions in a way that attracts the target audiences, such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project.

Choosing blockchain and market

At the beginning of the NFT process, companies need to decide which market they’ll be trading on and which blockchain they will use to mint their NFTs. Currently, the most popular market is OpenSea, and the most popular NFT blockchain is Ethereum, but there are plenty of other available options. Every market and blockchain has different features that companies should explore before deciding, so they can choose the one that aligns with their interests or preferences.

Generating buzz

One of the most important aspects of the best NFT collections in the market is the buzz they generate around digital collectibles and the potential community that can develop between the people that own them. Most consumers are going to attach a higher value to a company’s NFT collection if there’s a lot of buzz and hype around it. That means companies should be regularly engaging with their target audience in order to build up a community of potentially interested consumers, which is achieved relatively easily by communicating with them on social media. Companies can also use influencer marketing campaigns to promote their NFTs or use giveaways to attract attention to their digital collectibles and all the benefits consumers can get by owning one. It’s important to remember that the entire NFT experience should be made fun and exciting for the consumers, and should avoid marathon-like environments where consumers have to rush to take a specific action to participate in the company’s campaign, which means only a handful of people end up joining the promotional effort.

Long-lasting value

Whenever companies create their own NFTs, they should make sure the community that’s developing around their digital collectible isn’t locking out any low-income members from participating. It’s essential for companies to offer everyone a fair and equal chance to participate in the NFT community. Additionally, companies can get those community members to generate buzz for their digital collectibles and the business by creating long-lasting value for their NFTs. Most of the time, that means giving NFT holders additional perks such as free attendance to specific events or memberships to exclusive clubs.

Mike Paffmann
Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo-PR.


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