The one PR to rule them all: Writing an international press release

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Press releases are far from dead. In fact, they are more effective than ever before. With 78 percent of journalists saying that they prefer press releases over other types of content, you know press releases are here to stay. Also, 89 percent of Americans prefer to get their news online making news releases a crucial part of earned media marketing strategies.

But you want to make sure you are writing your press release properly. This is needed to get the most out of your news release. This article will discuss how you can write international press releases and the conventions for writing in different countries. It will also discuss how a professional translation company can assist.

What needs to be in your press release

So, what has to be included in your press release to make it effective internationally? This will be a review of the basics involving press releases.

Just like a regular press release, an international PR must contain the same basic elements. The first is that it needs to answer the 5Ws.

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why

You can also add “How” there for some press releases. Now, all releases follow the same kind of structure. It comes with an informative and when possible, catchy title. The lead paragraph should be a summary of the entire press release. It should contain all the important information that needs to be shared.

The paragraphs should be short and they must have headers. These short headers break up the text to make the PR more visually appealing and give more structure to the press release. You also need a boilerplate, quotes, and then contact information.

That’s the universally accepted format for press releases. Following that ensures your writing will be accepted by publications and journalists. It also makes it easier if the release needs to be translated.

How long should your press release be?

One of the more common questions that people have when it comes to press releases is the length. How long should it be?

There’s no consensus on how long should press releases be. Some say press releases should be 300 to 400 words. Still, others claim that from 2,000 to 3,000 words is the ideal range of length for press releases. Readers want short and concise write-ups. Journalists want releases that are filled with information and not fluff.

When you’re writing a press release you need to remember that there are different types of journalists and each type will have a preference when it comes to press releases. The same goes for the readers or audience.

Press release conventions in different countries

Now, it’s to discuss the press release conventions in some countries. This way, you will be more ready to write an international PR.

  • France

French press releases have a tendency to be shorter as compared to American ones. French readers and journalists want write-ups that go straight to the point. This is why their PRs have considerably shorter. Just remember this when writing a PR that will be translated into French.

  • Germany

German readers and journalists want data and numbers on their press releases. Those should be from reputable sources as well. Compared to American press releases, German ones are more objective in tone.

  • Italy

Italian press releases should have a single topic. Italian readers and journalists prefer releases that are more informative than merely promotional. Be careful about using the proper journalistic language.

  • Great Britain

Press releases are welcomed in Great Britain. British journalists are very open to receiving news releases but this does not mean your release will be published for sure. You should only send a press release when there is something new about your brand or your business. If there is nothing newsworthy happening, it probably won’t be published.

These are just some of the conventions when it comes to press releases in other countries.

Writing a release with an eye for other languages through a translation company

Writing an international press release can be tricky. While the generally accepted format is the same in most countries, the tone and the style may vary. When writing an international press release, you need to have your eye out for how it will be translated.

A translation company, which delivers language solutions to different industries, can help in having your press release reach an international audience. These companies have a process in place to assign a press release to the best translator. But you can make things easy for the translation company by writing the press release with an eye to translating it.

For example, don’t write about local information, customs, or ideas that will have no equivalent in other languages. Make the sentence construction as simple as you can. That should make it easier for the translator to convey the same meaning. Follow the general format that is accepted for press releases.

PR best practices

Whether you’re writing an international press release or one that’s meant for local consumption, there are some best practices that you can follow.  Here are some of the best practices for writing press releases that you should keep in mind:

  • Write a distinctive headline for your press release. At the same time, you need to remember that for some countries you can’t be too creative with the headline.
  • Make your point right away. Your readers value their time and you should too.
  • Use an effective and striking quote. Make the most out of that section.
  • Don’t make your press release too long. We have mentioned the ideal length of your press release, if possible make it shorter.

Press releases have been around for a long time. But instead of being made obsolete by the internet, it has managed to adapt and change with the times. It’s time to take advantage of the press release and its effectiveness and get help from a professional translation company.

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