Three great reasons to include influencers in your PR strategy

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Analysis, Public Relations

There is a great deal of behind-the-scenes work that often goes into the way that you perceive a brand. For instance, seeing Nike as a brand that can ‘just do it’ and your favorite celebrity as a part-time philanthropist is often, but not always, a result of good PR. This is because using public relations to help shape the perception of your brand in the public eye can prove to be quite effective.

There are several trends in the marketing world that currently seem to be working. However, the use of influencers seems to be competing for the crown. There are a number of reasons that using people who have influence within their territory is a good idea and a few of the best are reviewed in this article.

Your audience already trusts them

Influencers are essentially individuals who already have an established audience of people within their terrain that they have potential influence over. What this means for your brand if you use an influencer is that you have an audience who is more likely ready to listen as opposed to marketing to deaf ears.

One of your primary objectives when branding a person or business is usually to connect with your target audience—through using influencers, you’re more likely to get closer to reaching that goal.

They are people, not companies

You may have heard the saying that people connect with other people and not brands. Using an influencer is a way of humanizing your brand. When you use an influencer to market, your target audience can better relate to your core values, personality and products most of the time.

This is because it is usually easier to connect with a human that you have things in common with than to a company who seems to have an ulterior motive. It is also why it’s often better to be more tactical about the sort of influencers you choose. Your audience can usually sense when an influencer isn’t being authentic, so try to choose people who closely reflect your brand and its personality.

Word of mouth is the best publicity

Irrespective of the many marketing tools that have emerged, word of mouth is still said to be one of the best. Using influencers is more or less marketing through word of mouth, except it’s targeting influential people so that you can achieve a wider reach.

As influencers have authority, their audiences are more likely to listen and believe if they say Fahad Al Rajaan has made a significant impact on social security in Kuwait, for instance. Using an influencer is also a way to get important news broken to your audience first. By doing this, you can reach the people you need to reach quicker than if you use most other forms of marketing.

Audiences are becoming increasingly bombarded with content, advertisements and marketing tactics. As a result, it’s becoming more difficult to grab people’s attention and get them to listen. However, by using influencers to capture the attention of specific audiences, you’ll have a better chance of making genuine connections in this age of excess information.

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