Top 10 Hottest Bulldog Reporter PR Articles of 2018

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Public Relations

Another year, another round-up. Once again, Bulldog Reporter has brought you hundreds of amazing articles to keep you industry-savvy and ahead of the curve with all the best public relations news. Whether you get the Daily Dog in your inbox every day or visit our blog from time-to-time to see what’s new in the biz, there’s a lot of great content to work through, so we’ve decided to do some of the heavy-lifting for you.

We’re proud to share the Top 10 Bulldog Hottest Reporter Articles of 2018. Of all the great articles published, these were the ones PR and communications pros were looking at the most, which means you can bet they’ve got some particularly juicy insights.

Have a look through our most viewed articles of 2018 to refresh on some great insights and inspire you for 2019.

10. Profit-driven vs. purpose-driven business—where do CEOs stand?

That Corporate Social Responsibility is so hot right now. And shows zero signs of slowing down. Now it’s up to CEOs to figure out how to reconcile profits with purpose to keep stakeholders, employees, and customers smiling.

9. Examining the role of technology in today’s public relations

Tech innovations have made certain tasks easier and cheaper than ever before, fundamentally changing business as we know it. PR is no exception. Find out the role technology plays when PR pros sit down to formulate their strategies.

8. How will PR firms make money, measure results in 2018?

A great reminder of the importance of measurable analytics when it comes to developing the right content for the right audiences.

7. New survey reveals 2018’s hottest PR trends, challenges and tools

Nothing like some data-based trend analysis. Now the question is, did these predictions hold up?

6. Ten celebrities with great communications skills

Ah celebs. The ultimate PR machines. Take a look at this list of celebs who know a thing or two about using effective communication to build fan loyalty and drive revenue and business growth.

5. How the Experience Economy is poised to skyrocket in 2018

“Stuff” is out and “Experiences” are in according to new consumer research. Expedia.com reveals their findings from a multi-generational study exploring the shifting consumer behaviour and travel preferences from Baby Boomers up to Gen Z (18-22).

4.  4 great public relations stunts so far in 2018 

Everyone loves a good PR stunt. From rocket ships to presidential bids, the first two months of 2018 certainly weren’t lacking in excitement.

3. The psychology of following—how social influencers impact purchasing behavior

Why exactly do consumers follow, listen to, and trust social media influencers so much? Original research for visual content firm Olapic paints a detailed picture.

2. The future of luxury marketing: 5 consumer types and trends

How does one convince consumers that their product or service is really worth $5,000+? Take a dive into the insights gleaned from Mindshare North America’s research on the psychology and motivations of luxury buyers.

1. KFC rolls the dice and strikes crisis-response gold

One of the most memorable crisis responses of 2018, KFC went out on an unconventional limb with their apology after a chicken-shortage forced widespread closures of stores across Britain. The outcome was better than they expected.

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