Top 10 Underrated Bulldog Reporter PR Articles of 2018

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Public Relations

While we always like to celebrate the best of the best here at Bulldog Reporter come year-end, we feel there’s something to be said for the articles that performed, well, erm…let’s say LESS than optimally. Why you ask?

Because many of the articles that collect internet dust over the course of the year are actually jam-packed with interesting takes and great insights, and their lack of views tend to leave us scratching our heads.

So in the spirit of the holidays, we figure we’d share what we consider the Top 10 Underrated Bulldog Reporter Articles of 2018 in a final attempt to get these articles the love we feel they deserve.

10. The multicultural mainstream has arrived—why aren’t today’s brands prepared?

This seemed like a very important post for us when it went up. We still think it’s important. Here’s hoping its day is yet to come…

9. New GDPR Resource Guide provides essential guidance on compliance journey

With all the questions and confusion about what brands had to do to comply with this new regulation, this handy resource guide seemed like a slam dunk. Maybe we should have held it until closer to implementation, when people really started scrambling…

8. How can comms pros improve effectivity? (Hint: it’s not budget)

We thought this post had all the right stuff; some captivating research to aid in the pursuit of value, some useful takeaways, and even a pretty catchy headline. But nevertheless, the post was largely ineffective for us (hint taken).

7. How Facebook and other social networks put profits before trust

With the stink of the Cambridge Analytica scandal still in the air, we thought this post really got to the heart of the matter regarding the true revenue generators for social media sites. But it came and went quietly without much of a ripple.

6. Strategies for making World Cup fans into fans of your brand

World Cup-Mania erupted over the summer, and with the relative success of our other World Cup posts at the time, we thought this one really tied the spectacle together nicely with some solid PR takeaways about event tie-ins and promotion. Strangely, this one didn’t seem to make much noise.

5. From brands to the ballot box—defying hackers and trolls

With the anticipation of the US mid-term elections and accompanying rumors about vote tampering in recent contests, this post seemed particularly timely in the first week of November. It even coupled the scenario with some great takeaways for brand marketers and PR.

4. 4 tips for boosting your influencer status and connecting with brands

Some might say 2018 was the Year of the Influencer (and by “some”, we mean us). With brands embracing influencers hand over foot, we thought these tips for becoming an influencer would draw more attention from our crowd in PR, but no real action came from it. Hoping that’s not a statement about our influence…

3. Despite crisis, 69% of Facebook users will keep their accounts

Again, on the heels of the Cambridge Analytica revelation, it seemed to be a sure-fire bet that the mighty and powerful Facebook would lose some influence, or power, or … face. But nobody seemed to want to give up their accounts. We were shocked by this and what it could tell us about the role of the social media giant in society. Although Zuckerberg DID put on a good face in court to save the day for his empire. (OK, we’re still shocked…)

2. Amazon hopes new wage increases will quash “sweatshop” reputational slams

Who doesn’t love a fresh take? When Amazon announced its plans to raise the minimum wage for all its workers, we thought this post revealed a different side of the seemingly feel-good story. Guess we may have missed the mark!

1. Consumers want to give real-time feedback—how can brands avoid having “deaf ears”?

We were surprised this one didn’t catch on because it had some pretty decent tips for brands on how to listen better—and one of this year’s biggest lessons for PR was how brands need to do a better job of listening to consumers, not just messaging at them. Hopefully this perks some ears…

Emily Walsh