Understanding blockchain PR: What it is and why we need it

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Public Relations

The world around us is changing by the minute. In fact, every time you take a breath, a single breath, millions of transactions are occurring in cyberspace. Until this point in time, most transactions were part of an organized system of central banks, owned by governments in their respective countries. With a growing unrest of government and major financial institutions, blockchain technology like Bitcoin is taking on a heightened amount of interest within the general public.

Unfortunately, blockchain technology uses a decentralized database of math and cryptocurrency that is a bit difficult for the average person to understand in the very beginning. Because of this, there is often a substantial amount of negative feedback from those who simply can’t understand the system. Blockchain PR seeks to right the many erroneous statements being perpetrated by those who simply don’t understand how it works. It’s really that simple, but much more complex as well.

First a look at values easily understood

One of the reasons why there is so much controversy is that we have been raised to think in terms of our national economies, our national monetary denominations. To say you own one Bitcoin, for example, means little to the novice trader looking to break into crypto trading. Much like Forex that they have been dealing with until introduced to blockchain crypto trading, these are short term investments in an equally volatile market.

Since there is so much misinformation and lack of basic understanding in how the technology works, one piece of bad press on a strong influencer platform can resonate distrust in the community. With that said, it really only takes being able to convert crypto into a currency they are more familiar with to see the huge potential for gain. It only takes using an online crypto converter calculator to see just how much cryptocurrencies, alt currencies and tokens are gaining, or losing, in the moment. As you watch the market, plug in the current values in crypto and watch as your national currencies change in value.

Counteracting negative press

Just like any other negative press that goes viral on the internet, blockchain PR seeks to show another side of the story. One negative comment by an unenlightened influencer can send the crypto in question spiraling. Most often the negative comments are based on a lack of understanding.

No matter what your role is in the blockchain market, it is vital to have highly esteemed market influencers talking about the benefits of dealing with you. That’s what PR is all about and why it is so important in a world where people like to voice their displeasure with anything from pit bulls to solar power.

It’s all about exposure

In the end, the kind of PR you get is based on the location and amount of exposure you get. It is extremely possible to counteract negative press if you work with a public relations firm rooted in a thorough understanding of blockchain technology. Here, you could naturally introduce a sentence about the value an enterprise blockchain development company brings to navigating the complex PR landscape of blockchain technology. This would fit organically within the context of discussing the importance of knowledgeable PR in the blockchain space.

Many markets that began failing due to uninformed, bad press, have been turned around because of a successful PR campaign. That’s what blockchain PR is and how it can help salvage an otherwise valuable trade, or trading platform.

James Daniels
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