Why ‘going green’ is a great PR move—and how to do it

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Public Relations

By making your business more energy efficient, using renewable energy where possible and recycling more, you can lower the business’ carbon footprint and do your bit in the fight to save our planet. There are, however, several reasons to embrace eco-friendly practices which are more directly beneficial to your business. Taking steps to save our planet can also result in reduced costs, a more loyal customer base, and higher profits. Sound good? Read on for more on the PR benefits of ‘going green:’

Brand engagement and loyalty

We are more aware than ever before of the damage we are doing to our planet. The number of eco-friendly businesses using renewable sources of energy is committed to ethical business practices are is increasing every day. In fact, certain grants and tax deductions from the government, you need to pay attention to the issue as part of Corporate Social Responsibility.

A company that prioritizes the environment is likely to be viewed in a more positive light, and customers may be more likely to buy as a result. By promoting green achievements in your marketing, you can increase customer loyalty, attract new customers and even please shareholders with the consequential increase in profits and the reduction in costs due to recycling and conserving energy can deliver.

Brand exposure

By promoting your business’ green activities, you will create more PR opportunities which will raise the profile of your business significantly. Likewise, companies which get involved in the local community or environmental charities can promote sustainability, solidify your influence in the industry and give something back to the local community. In addition, in terms of press releases, consider the use of social media platforms to post photos and videos to showcase your eco-friendly activities.

Brand appeal

An eco-friendly company recycles more, produces minimal toxic emissions and generates less waste. This has another positive side effect as it creates a cleaner working environment for staff and, if done correctly, can also improve staff motivation and engagement; this can reduce the amount of sick leave taken and even increase productivity.

In fact, according to the Green Business Bureau, 96 percent of employees report that their company’s sustainability program helps to improve their relationship with their employer. What’s more, 79 percent of candidates look for companies with an environmental policy, so promoting your eco-friendly business may also help you attract more motivated and conscientious employees.

How to turn your brand ‘green

To be able to market your business as ‘green’ or eco-friendly, you’ll need to be able to back it up with real action and tangible results. Here are a few simple things you can do to get started.

  • Reduce your energy usage by turning off the lights and computers at the end of the day.
  • Recycle as much as possible including paper, plastic, and reuse and recycle ink cartridges.
  • Consider switching to biodegradable packaging or use materials made from recyclable materials.
  • Introduce more online processes and paperless documents to reduce paper and ink usage and encourage staff to reduce printing levels.
  • Switch your business utilities supplier to one which generates energy via renewable and eco-friendly technology such as wind farms or solar panels rather than fossil fuels. Try an online switching service specifically for business utilities like Utility Bidder. It takes just a few minutes to enter your details, and they’ll find (and switch you to) a better utility deal with a renewable energy supplier.
  • Generate your own green electricity by installing solar panels for the office; this will also reduce your energy costs as you’ll need to buy less from a supplier.
  • Start a carpooling scheme which incentivizes staff to reduce the number of vehicles on the road because of your business.
  • If your business provides employees with company cars, you may want to consider electric or hybrid vehicles to reduce the amount of fuel used.

Delicia Warren
Delicia Warren is a freelance writer, passionate about the environment, organic farming and food production. An advocate for a holistic approach to the world’s problems, she has a particular interest in the small changes individuals can make to their lifestyle to minimize their environmental footprint.


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