Why visuals make for such effective website content

by | May 31, 2019 | Marketing, Public Relations

Nearly a quarter of small businesses (23 percent) say visuals were the most effective content on their websites in 2018, according to a new survey from portfolio website Visual Objects. This was tied with company information, which another 23 percent said that was the most effective website content.

In the report, experts recommend that small businesses invest in visual content assets to increase engagement with their brand. Visual content includes images, infographics, and graphic designs that often require small businesses to commit more time and resources.

More than half of small businesses will publish visual content on their websites in 2019

Most small businesses (55 percent) plan to publish visuals on their websites in 2019, but the survey recommends small businesses also invest in emerging forms of content, such as podcasts and videos.

For example, Ashley Graham, owner of branding agency Brandesso, saw results by investing in a repurposable video series.

She described how they maximized the content of the project: “We have expanded into six full episodes while turning it into a paid content package for brands to receive the broadcasting and public relations aspect of the piece, as well as lifestyle photos and b-roll clips to use for their social media and marketing strategies,” Graham said, in a news release.

Why visuals make for such effective website content

Almost three-quarters of small businesses publish content monthly or more

The survey found that 74 percent of small businesses publish new content on their websites at least monthly, indicating they understand the importance of creating new content to engage users.

Businesses with smaller teams, however, find it harder to keep up with a demanding content schedule. Just 35 percent of small businesses with 50 employees or fewer are able to publish consistently.

“Most businesses that are successful at content marketing are not actually writing … 2-3 blog posts every week,” said Kristine Neil, owner and creative director at web design firm Markon Brands, in the release.

To keep up with a rigorous content schedule, small businesses should create a bank of content to schedule as needed, and rely on freelance writers if necessary.

“Planning ahead not only allows business owners to take the pressure off and no longer have to worry about coming up with something to write about each day, but they’re also able to be more strategic and targeted in their content,” Neil said.

Why visuals make for such effective website content

One-fifth of small businesses say improving design is a top website priority in 2019

One in five small businesses surveyed (20 percent) intend to improve their website design in 2019, and 19 percent say their top priority is to increase user engagement.

According to the survey, small businesses can achieve these two goals by investing in dynamic website content that will attract and retain website visitors. Only 10 percent of the small businesses surveyed, however, will prioritize building a content hub in 2019.

Read the full report here.

Visual Objects surveyed 529 small businesses in the United States to learn about the types of content they publish on their websites, the effectiveness of the content, and what they plan to publish in 2019.

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