Why your website is one of the most powerful PR weapons you have

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Marketing, Public Relations

As a business, or even as a professional individual, your public relations is an integral part of your brand that you need to manage correctly. Good PR can provide a lot of benefits, such as enhancing your reputation, boosting your credibility, and has the potential to even drive up organic traffic to your websites and social media channels. All of these can support a business and help it grow.

PR is primarily concerned with the way your organization communicates with the public and how it promotes itself to build a positive reputation and public image. There are many different tools businesses can use to attempt to boost their PR, such as obtaining positive media coverage, providing sponsorships and charitable donations, and even hiring a PR agency to do their work for them. Although these are all essential domains that can boost your business’s perception, there’s one weapon that, when utilized correctly, can be your most powerful PR tool: your website.

It can provide instant customer service

When a customer has an issue revolving around one of your products, they can quickly turn against your business if it’s not resolved well, meaning that you lose the opportunity to create a repeat customer. This person may encourage others to avoid your service as well, which isn’t good.

Customers want to be able to find help quickly, and one of the first places they’ll go to, if it isn’t social media, is to your website. That’s why it’s essential to have dedicated web space and features integrated into your website, such as a FAQ section (frequently asked questions), or a forum they can access to ask questions.

Both of these are good, but your business can take it one step further with an instant messaging chatbot. A chatbotis a piece of artificial intelligence software that can simulate a conversation with a user in natural language, by usually following a prewritten script. A chatbot can be attached to your website to give customers an easy to find and easy to use avenue to have their query dealt with. They are challenging to implement if you haven’t got the expertise or the time to write a question answering script, but a website building expert like magecloud.agency can do this for you, as well other great PR techniques to improve your website.

It can be a home for reviews…

There’s nothing more encouraging for a potential customer than seeing countless positive reviews from customers before them. Good reviews, and an excellent overall star ratings, proves that your business is trustworthy, high quality and worth engaging with, and is a great thing to add to your website to provide constant reassurance that your customer is making the right choice using your service.

There are many different ways to integrate reviews into your website, such as widgets like Trustpilot that can be displayed on your homepage, or other appropriate pages that can update automatically when a new review is written.

Of course, for this to have the most positive effect, you need a high number of reviews, and you need them to be positive. Providing an excellent service would take care of the later, but if you find that your review pool is fairly thin, then try emailing an aftercare email to your previous customers, giving them a call to action to fill out a quick survey which can be used as a review.

…and testimonials too.

Much like reviews, testimonials can be used to add even more goodwill to your business. These are more long-form written articles from a customer, which basically highlights all your good points. Good testimonials will come from customers who have some form of authority, for example, another business that’s used your service. An in-depth review that a testimony provides is an even greater insight into your quality and should be easily accessible for those that wish to view them.

Steve Conway
Steve Conway is a content marketing professional and inbound marketing expert. Previously, Steve worked as a marketing manager for a tech software start-up. He is passionate about discovering new software that will that will advance his already well-honed digital marketing techniques.


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