McDonald’s announces all-day breakfast; Twitter nods in approval

by | Jul 23, 2015 | Public Relations, Social Media

McDonald’s isn’t doing so well. The fast-food colossus has been acutely suffering for two years, having posted slumping numbers for six consecutive quarters.

The giant is ailing. It’s sick. It’s casting around wildly for ways to stop the bleeding. And it thinks it may have found the fix: all-day breakfast.

That’s right, all-day breakfast (in the US only, though, for now — sorry Canada, you lose).

McDonald’s announced the plan this week, sending a memo to franchisees to be ready to serve breakfast round-the-clock as early as October. And with the announcement came a deluge of reaction on Twitter. Here’s what the masses are saying.

Plenty of good:

  But, inevitably, some bad:

However, a sample of nearly 1,000 tweets gathered in the past two days tells us more people welcome the news than bemoan it.

We toned a sample of those tweets and found that 31 per cent of tweeters seemed to love the idea, while only four per cent appeared to be opposed. The remaining 65 per cent were neutral and simply spreading the good word… but it could be argued that just by spreading it, they too were voicing their illicit approval — no?

Also telling is the frequency with which a few choice words kept appearing. The universally positive ‘yes’ popped up in over a quarter of all tweets, while nearly as many included the word ‘important’, as in “You’re going to want to hear this – it’s important.”

But no matter how you feel about this newest McDonald’s development, it seems that all-day hashbrowns are definitely on the way. Dress accordingly.

Marcus Kaulback
Marcus is a content creator and marketer with a focus on branding and communications.


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