#TIFF15: Right this way, Mr. Hiddleston

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Public Relations, Social Media, Traditional Media

Though the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival doesn’t officially open until September 10, that hasn’t stopped the Twitterverse from chattering up a storm in anticipation.

Using its patented Enterprise software, MediaMiser has monitored which way the Twitter TIFF winds have blown in these early days: We analyzed nearly 6,000 tweets over the past week to get an idea of who’s talking about what.Here’s what we found: Much like Benedict Cumberbatch during 2013’s festival,  Tom Hiddleston is absolutely primed to be the darling of this year’s event.

Among the festival’s big names, Mr. Hiddleston has so far blown away the competition, receiving more than 10 times the number of mentions as the next most popular leading man (596 to Johnny Depp’s paltry 59). Cate Blanchett leads all female performers, attracting 138 mentions and narrowly edging out Sandra Bullock’s 120.

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Of note is that 88 per cent of Mr. Hiddleston’s mentions came as retweets… from only three original tweets.

The list of most anticipated #TIFF15 films is likewise pretty top-heavy, thanks of course to the aforementioned Mr. Hiddleston, who is starring in the top two most mentioned films: “I Saw the Light” and “High-Rise”.
Retweets of posts from @TIFF_NET and @Loki_Page have accounted for more than half of both movie’s total mentions. Regardless, no other movie has yet reached even 100 mentions.

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If these early days are any indication, then Tom Hiddleston is in for some serious social publicity when TIFF 2015 formally kicks off. MediaMiser will continue to watch right up until the festival’s final day to see if he can maintain this incredible level of popularity.

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