10 things to know about visual content strategy in 2019

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Have you ever noticed how beautiful, eye-catching images actively attract your attention? It’s not a surprise, as nearly 90 percent of the information we receive comes with the help of vision. According to Alexa research, image-heavy social sites YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are in the top 10 of the most visited websites in the U.S.

Visuals have become the center of content strategy for the past few years, as visual content influences website traffic, brand awareness, audience engagement, and sales. In the following article, we want to share some information you should know to build a great content strategy in 2019:

1. Focus on realism and vertical videos

According to Statista research, more than 52 percent of global web pages were viewed with mobile phones in 2018. People tend to use their phones more actively—which is why it’s important to adapt visual content to mobile devices.

Today over 400 million users use Instagram stories every day. The quality of stories, highlights and story ads has increased. For example, visit the Vogue Instagram account. You will see that the brand doesn’t use glossy and photoshopped photos. Instead, you can see real photos of the models who have freckles, blemishes, and imperfections. And this is certainly beautiful.

10 things to know about visual content strategy in 2019

Instagram @vogue

2. Use extended video content for your brand

An EyeView study found that videos on landing page increase conversion by 86 percent. But smart companies will not create simple videos. The only way to stand out in 2019 is to create a series of deep and original videos that will resonate with your target audience and inspire users to subscribe.

Besides, live videos also will be popular. When your audience knows that information can be accessed at any time, they don’t hurry to use this opportunity. But in the case when the information has an “expiration date” (24 hours), the audience’s curiosity will automatically activate.

3. Visuals for long-form and blog posts are still actual

Even though visual content has gained great popularity, people still seek helpful information over the internet. People are ready to focus on long texts. The most powerful match for informational content is strong text with detailed information and visual content that accompanies it. Infographics, tables related to context images and photos, screenshots—all these will help the reader easier absorb information from the text. Create your own visual content and make your texts shine.

10 things to know about visual content strategy in 2019

Source: NeoMam

4. Personalize your visual content

To bring your brand closer to your prospective customers, you should understand what your audience likes, and create an image that will reflect their values, habits, and lifestyle. This approach can significantly increase your chances of success in working with visual content.

For example, on Nike’s Instagram account you will rarely find their logo on each photo. The company publishes photos that inspire its audience. It’s a great example of how you can oversee visual content without obvious signs of a brand, such as a logo, mascot, or a common frame with a watermark.

10 things to know about visual content strategy in 2019

Instagram @nike

5. Try unified minimalist design

Instagram has developed an exceptional style and vision on visual content. Scandinavian design interiors, the unity of colors, and minimalist compositions are the main parts of its popular content. Now, it’s just not enough to take a picture of something beautiful.

An author must create a story and bring sense to the photo. The photo becomes a part of the story that lays behind the shot. The company can use this approach to build brand awareness and add meaning to the company’s products or services.

10 things to know about visual content strategy in 2019

Instagram @photokitchen

6. Connect social and ecologic awareness to the content

According to Forbes, consumers are ready for sustainable brands. Today, sustainability is more than caring for the environment. The brand should show awareness of recent economic, social, and environmental issues and raise awareness among audience. For example, below you can see that the Lush cosmetic company have joined a Women’s Wave in the U.S.

10 things to know about visual content strategy in 2019

Instagram @lush

7. Experiment with 90s and 00s styles

Generation X and millennials are the most desired target audience. For example, according to Forbes, Gen X earns 31 percent of U.S. income. The trend of borrowing ideas from the 90s and evoking child memories will persist in 2019. Coca-Cola, Lego, KFC, and other brands try to evoke the feelings of the past. Look ahead and remember things that connect you and your history. Try to apply it to your brand.

10 things to know about visual content strategy in 2019

Instagram @adidasoriginals

8. Use visual storytelling

Brands and companies can use visuals to tell their brand story in pictures, animations, and short videos. It is important to use visual content to add value to the brand. Apply new technologies, experiment with services that create visual content. If you can’t handle all of it by yourself, you may need to employ a group of professionals that will create the content for you.

9. Try to find an unusual design

People are overloaded with information and visuals. That’s why it’s crucial for companies to pay extra attention to new approaches in design. The most popular ways are:

  • Incorporate classic paintings into the modern world;
  • 3D graphics;
  • Illustrations, etc.

10 things to know about visual content strategy in 2019

Instagram @petertarka

Find here some ideas of how to use icons and illustration and how to connect it to your brand.

10. AR on the rise

We recommend keeping your ears and eyes open for all inventions in the AR sphere. Augmented reality is actively used in games, videos, and applications. With the help of new mobile devices, AR will quickly move to design. For example, L’oreal has launched AR makeup demos on Instagram.

Summing up

As you can see, there are a lot of tools and approaches that you can successfully apply in your future visual content strategy. Don’t forget to define the goals, your target audience, and style. We wish you all the best!

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