Amazing Race Canada, Season 3 Ep. 11: Cabotage in Edmonton, Alberta

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***Spoiler Alert***

Episode 11 was one of season three’s more entertaining episodes, as the four remaining teams travelled from the Okanagan Valley to Edmonton, Alberta.

The episode was named Cabotage because two teams stole cab rides from one another during the show. In the end, one team that didn’t engage in this activity ended up finishing last. This drove a great deal of Twitter activity from viewers.

Most people engaging on Twitter expressed sympathy for contestants Simi & Ope Fagbongbe and, conversely, disappointment toward teams Jesse & Gino Montani and Nick Foti & Matt Giunta.

The increased intrigue resulted in more contestant-related tweets and an overall increase in Twitter activity. The increase was especially impressive considering this episode’s airing was moved from Wednesday to Thursday.

Contestant-related tweets were up 69 per cent from last week, and overall Twitter activity was up 47.9 per cent.

Much of the increased activity was also due to the amount of engagement from both Edmonton and Calgary during the show. Edmonton was a close second in regional tweets, just behind the GTA area.

Simi & Ope Fagbongbe, who were eventually eliminated, received the most share of voice (which was all positive). In fact, the No. 1 tweeted and re-tweeted link was the farewell speech from Ope & Simi.

The emotional speech also prompted people to tweet the hashtag #proudtobecanadian. Other than the hashtag #AmazingRaceCanada, it was the No. 1 tweeted hashtag.

As for the other contestants, Jesse & Gino and Nick & Matt, they may have made more enemies than friends in the Twitterverse.

Ultimately, brothers and leg winners Brent & Sean Sweeney were the big beneficiaries from the negativity directed at the other two teams. Even though they had the least amount of mentions, like Simi & Ope, their tweets were positive. Former contestant Cormac Foster, from season 2 (https://agilitypr.wpengine.com/blog/infographics/amazing-race-canada-season-2/), tweeted his support for the winning brothers and that sentiment was shared by other people on Twitter.

Not only was this episode of the Amazing Race Canada entertaining, it was also very good to the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Tourism.

Both the city and Edmonton Tourism engaged on Twitter to help promote their city. Many people either tweeted directly to them positive comments or retweeted their comments.

Petro-Canada also received mentions around the Petro-Points task and the Fuel Your Favourite Team contest. The contest was even helped along by some Twitter users who directed comments at teams Jesse & Gino and Nick & Matt.

The next episode is the season finale as teams head to Whistler, BC.

By the numbers:

Twitter activity compared to last week’s episode: Increase 48.7%

Top social media activity by cities

Toronto Ontario Canada (GTA) 23.8%
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 21.6%
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 8.6%
Vancouver, BC, Canada 5.9%
Calgary, Alberta, Canada 5.6%
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 4.8%
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 2.2%
London, Ontario, Canada 2.2%
Montreal, Quebec, Canada 1.9%
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 1.9%
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1.5%
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 1.5%
Barrie, Ontario, Canada 1.1%
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 1.1%
Windsor, Ontario, Canada 1.1%
Other 15.2%


Landmark/task/roadblock mentions:

Ottewell Curling Club 63.2%
Petro-Canada (Petro-Points) 13.0%
Edmonton Waste Management Centre 12.4%
Fort Edmonton Park (Kelly’s Saloon) 8.6%
Muttart Conservatory 2.7%

Contestants’ Share of Voice:

Simi & Ope Fagbongbe 38.9% (eliminated)
Nick Foti & Matt Giunta 29.5%
Jesse & Gino Montani 18.1%
Brent & Sean Sweeney 13.4% (winners)

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