North American Opportunities

Associate Editor/Managing Editor, Signs of the Times Magazine, https://bit.ly/2VQ8bWR

Manager, Social Media & Communications, Fox Sports Detroit, https://bit.ly/3ALTzGM

Features Editor, Bluefield Daily Telegraph, https://bit.ly/3jVZfXU

UFC Writers, Heavy Inc., https://bit.ly/3g6cFiC

UK Opportunities

Journalists, Nub News, https://bit.ly/3fP2izS

Reporter, Mercury Press and Media, https://bit.ly/3xCuqfo

Photo Content Acquisition Specialist, Caters Media Group, https://bit.ly/2VHTBjN

Journalists, Tindle Newspapers, https://bit.ly/3ixq5Gg

Live Reporters, Archant, https://bit.ly/3CttJZL