News Media (National)

Daily Telegraph: Craig Simpson (@Craig_Simpson_) is covering stories related to the Cannes Festival.

I: Richard Vaughan (@richardvaughan1) has been named Political Correspondent.

Newsweek: Jenny Desborough (@jennydesborough) has been appointed SEO Reporter.

Observer Magazine: Philippa Perry (@philippa_perry) has joined as an Advice Columnist.

News Media (Regional)

Animal News Agency, The: Hayley O’Keefe (@misshoknews) is Owner and Editor of the recently launched agency.

Daily Mirror (Northern Ireland): Alistair Bushe (@abushe7) has been named Editor.

Nation.Cymru: David Owens (@asoundreaction) has been appointed Features Editor.

PA Media: Bronwen Weatherby (@bronweatherby) has been named Reporter.

Broadcast Media

Tortoise Media: Duncan Mavin (@dumav) has been named Editor.

Business & Commerce

Moneysavingexpert.com: Emily White (@EmilyJ_White) has been appointed News Reporter.

Consumer Lifestyle

Attitude Magazine UK: Alastair James (@mralastairjames) has been named Online Writer.

Black Ballad: Emmanuella Ngimbi (@Emmanuella_N) has been named TV Writer.

Refinery29 UK: Esther Newman (@estherbnewman) has been appointed Affiliate Writer.

Stylist: Fatima Salajee (@stylistmagazine) has been appointed Promotions Sales Assistant. She manages all paid competitions and reader offer promotions.

Culture, Entertainment & the Arts

Freelancer: Michele Theil (@micheletheil) is available for commissions, with an interest in lifestyle, culture, society and technology.