News Media (National)

Daily Telegraph: Chris Graham (@cjgraham82) has been named Deputy Editor for Telegraph.co.uk.

Freelancer: Richard Vines (@Richardvines) is available for commissions. He covers entertainment and the food industry.

News Media (Regional)

News, The: Fiona Callingham (@fcallingham22) has been named Health Reporter.

Broadcast Media

ITV News: Peter Rogers (@PRogers96) has been named Producer.

Consumer Lifestyle

Drapers: Anna Behrmann (@annabehrmann) has been named Features Editor.

Drest: Anisha Parbhakar-Brown (@Dreststyle) has been appointed Deputy Fashion Features Editor.

Face, The: Jessica Noah Morgan (@jnoahmorgan) has been named Deputy Editor.

Fashion’s Finest: Valentina Chirico (@valenschirico) has been named Editor & Social Media Manager.

Freelancer: Robyn Morris (@robyn2311) is available for commissions, covering entertainment, lifestyle and the Royals.

Hearst Magazines UK: Hannah Mendelsohn (@hcmendelsohn) and Harry Bullmore (@harrybullmore) have joined as Writers.

Living etc: Rachel Christie (@livingetc) has joined as Houses Editor.

Manchester Confidential: Davey Brett (@dbretteats) has been named Staff Writer.

Culture, Entertainment & the Arts

Bookseller, The: Mark Chandler (@Mark_Chandler) has been named News Editor.