News Media (National)

Sun, The: Elizabeth Morton (@lizzimorton) has been appointed Head of Communications.

Sunday Times, The: Jess Hayden (@_jesshayden) has been named Digital Sports Sub-Editor.

News Media (Regional)

Evening Standard: Sarah Harvey (@hellosaraharvey) has been named Digital News Editor.

Hull Daily Mail: Bobbi Hadgraft (@bobbihadgraft) has been appointed News Reporter.

Manchester Evening News: Ethan Davies (@EthanDaviesMEN) has been named Reporter.

Metro.co.uk: Tori Brazier (@dinotaur) has been appointed Entertainment Reporter.

Sefton Live: Kate Lally (@katelallyx) has been appointed Senior District Reporter.

St Helens Live: Jessica Molyneux (@JessMolECHO) has been named Senior District Reporter.

Business and Commerce

Fresh Business Thinking: Praseeda Nair (@freshbusiness) has been appointed Editorial Director.

Informed Magazine: Alastair Milburn (@amilburn) has been named Editor.

Construction, Real Estate & Manufacturing

Farmers Weekly: Lauren Harris (@Lauren_Harris16) has been promoted to Deputy Business Editor.

Consumer Lifestyle

Freelancer: Ed Gibbs (@EdGibbsFilm) is available for commissions related to the Arts and Travel.

Grazia: Rhiannon Evans (@rhiannonev) has been promoted to Senior Editor.

Hitched.co.uk: Zoe Burke (@zoeburke) has been appointed Social Media Editor.

Stylist: Polly Knight (@pol_knight) has been promoted to Style Director.

Culture, Entertainment & the Arts

Bookseller, The: Sian Bayley (@sleighbayley) has joined as Senior Reporter.

Sports and Leisure

Athletic, The: Sam Brown (@brownsam) has been appointed Senior Editor.