News Media (Regional)

Ely Standard: Debbie Davies (@huntspostdebbie) has been appointed Editor.

Scotsman, The: Rosemary Gallagher (@rosie_gall) has been named Head of Commercial Content.

Broadcast Media

Good Morning Britain: Kieron Clarke (@kieronishere) has been promoted to Senior Political Producer.

Sky: Phoebe Southworth (@phoebes1992) will be joining in November as News Editor. She is currently a News Reporter at The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph.

Construction, Real Estate & Manufacturing

MarketWatch: Anviksha Patel (@annieiseating) has been appointed Reporter.

Consumer Lifestyle

Bad Concept: Terna Jogo (@bad__concept) has been appointed Editor.

Best Magazine: Kaya-Victoria Terry (@kaya_terry) has been appointed Deputy Features Editor.

Hylda Genevieve Nikolopulos (@genniko) has been named Beauty Contributor.

Odalisque Journal, The: Frances Forbes-Carbines (@Forbes_Carbines) has been appointed Arts Editor.

Real Homes Magazine: Alison Jones (@aly_jones10) and Amelia Smith (@realhomes) have been named Co-Editors.

Whisky Magazine: Bethany Whymark (@Whisky_Magazine) has been appointed Editor.