As 2022 keeps chugging along, Agility’s Bulldog Reporter again scored a trainload of great post traffic in April. Some of our most timely pieces topped the list of popular posts last month, with topics including spokesperson lessons from Judge Kentaji Brown Jackson’s brutal congressional grilling, why media monitoring matters more than ever in 2022, and how social responsibility initiatives are becoming top priority at companies today.

More evergreen content featured posts about key considerations when pitching the media, creating a modern PR strategy for your brand or client, why exuding confidence in essential in your marketing videos, how to impact ROI with public relations, and tips for becoming the best PR professional you can be.

In case you missed a few of these, here they are neatly bundled for your easy perusal.

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What spokespeople can learn from Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Judge Jackson has been in the Senate hot seat as she spent days being grilled about her qualifications related to her nomination to the Supreme Court. Here are 3 lessons from her performance on the Hill.

6 suggestions to keep in mind when pitching the media

The “art of the pitch” is a vital skill in the PR world. Although it’s far from easy to craft a memorable pitch, mistakes commonly crop up in the industry, even among veterans—all of them preventable.

Racing to resolve the ‘Engagement Capacity Gap’: Companies leaning into customer service tech

Organizations are racing to resolve the Engagement Capacity Gap, leaning into customer service tech to support digital-first engagement and more empathic connections with customers, along with other trials and tribulations.

5 reasons why media monitoring matters more than ever in 2022

Media monitoring is the best way to stay on top of how you’re being perceived. This practice will continue to evolve and become increasingly more critical as digital life becomes even more prevalent.

7 ways to create a modern PR strategy for your brand

Developing a modern PR strategy is an important first step in any PR campaign, but remember that a good plan only gets you started—the hard work is developing your plan strategies. Here are 7 ways.

Why confidence is so important in video (and how to improve yours)

Demonstrating confidence in the context of a marketing video, a seminar, or even just a video conversation can make the difference between persuading your audience and having your message fall flat.

6 tips to be the best PR professional you can be

The world of PR forms the backbone of business. Being able to do your job effectively spells success for your company. Along those lines, here are six tips to help you succeed in your PR career.

Social responsibility initiatives taking hold in all organizations: 9 in 10 say CSR is a priority

Serving the social good is now thought to be more important than ever for most brands and businesses as social responsibility becomes a high priority for companies and executives. Take as look at these insights.

4 ways to impact a business’s ROI with public relations

Compared to advertising campaigns, the effectiveness of a PR campaign isn’t as straightforward to measure. However, it’s still possible to measure the ROI of PR efforts and to put a value on their success.

What is a public persona—and how can you use PR to build yours?

Buyer personas have been changing the way PR efforts operate. They give companies date-driven insights into the experiences they need to give their target audiences. Here’s how to maximize yours.